53rd Presidential Cup National City and Provincial Boxing Competition

Seongnam City Hall, led by head coach Joo Tae-wook, won two gold medals in the women’s general division, which ended at Palyoung Gymnasium in Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 27th.

Seongnam City Hall won two gold medals in the season and won the MVP of the tournament on the previous day, with Jung Hae-don in the women’s 60kg division and the 70kg Hangzhou Asian Games national team beating Kim Min-jin (Korea National Sport University) and Kwon Hee-jin (Daejeon Sports Council), respectively.

Seongnam City Hall won the second round ABD against Kwon Sung-hoon (National Sports Unit) in the semifinals after Kim Taek-min of the men’s 92kg class withdrew from the quarterfinals, and won the second round RSC title and won three consecutive tournaments. In addition, Kim Taek-min was also selected as his first MVP.

In addition, Seongnam City Hall won the gold medal with a 75kg class Son Seok-joon’s injury to Lim Hyun-seok (Daejeon Sports Council) in the final. Earlier, Son Seok-joon won ABD against Park Tae-gun (Gwangju Boxing Association) in the quarterfinals, and in the semifinals, he defeated Bae Seung-hyun (Gimhae Boxing Gymnasium) with a 4-1 decision to advance to the final.

In addition, Seongnam City Hall’s 48kg Ryu Dae-hyun won 5-0 against Kwak Bum-seo (Cheongyang-gun Office) in the final and reached the top for the second consecutive year.

On the other hand, Seo Soon-jung (Seongnam City Hall) defeated Park Nam-hyung (Namwon City Hall) by a 3-1 decision to reach the final, but withdrew to Hong In-ki (Daejeon Sports Council) due to injury. Park Seung-min (Gwangju City Hall) in 60kg, Lee Chae-eon (Gimpo City Hall), Song Joo-hyun in 73kg, and Kim Jin-ki (Suwon City Hall) tied for third place in the semifinals.

Coach Joo Tae-wook of Seongnam City Hall won the Best Leader Award for winning the women’s overall title.


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