Lee Seung-yeop expressed his trust in pitcher

Doosan has been agonizing over the remaining two starting positions all season, except for the three starters, including Raul Alcantara, Brandon Waddell and Kwak Bin. Choi Won-joon, who has to play the role of the fourth starter, has recently moved to the bullpen after being sluggish, and Choi Seung-yong has been out of the rotation due to an injury.

The bullpen is also in a bad situation. Instead of Hong Gun-hee, Jung Chul-won is guarding the back door, and Kim Myung-shin, who played many innings, is not easy to play every day in reality. In the match against the SSG Landers in Jamsil on the 26th, Park Chi-guk, who took the mound in the top of the eighth inning, failed to keep the lead by two runs and dedicated two home runs, including a ground home run, and closer Jung Chul-won gave up a walk to Jeon Eui-san in the top of the ninth inning.

In the end, in order for the team to find a breakthrough, it is not a problem that will be solved with the appearance of one or two players, but it is time for all pitchers to work hard. However, manager Lee Seung-yeop gave encouragement to pitchers who suffered throughout the season.

Ahead of Game 11 of the season against SSG on the 27th, Lee Seung-yeop said, “I’m worried, but these pitchers have been good so far.” How nice you were until August. “Even though the batting lineup is sluggish, it is actually the power of pitchers that have been able to maintain the ranking so far, so I think it is time for (the pace) to drop once,” he diagnosed.

Coach Lee said, “I don’t want the fall to last that long. I want to reorganize quickly and cheer up as I have been doing well, and starting pitchers must block at least five innings to reduce the burden on the bullpen. Kim Dong-joo and Kim Min-kyu, as well as pitchers who are playing as alternative starters, could not drag more than five innings, so I think the pitchers who came down the mound quickly and threw behind them were a little hard, he analyzed.

“So if the starting pitcher pulls at least five innings, the pitcher rotation he planned can come out, so if the starting pitchers play longer innings and the batters cheer up, I think Jung Chul-won, Park Chi-guk, Hong Gun-hee, and Kim Myung-shin will continue the good flow.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who mentioned Jung Chul-won, who plays as a closer instead of Hong Gun-hee, said, “The position of finishing must be difficult. Pitchers seem to feel a little at ease when they think there is the next inning. “In the case of Jung Chul-won, there will be no pressure or anything like that,” he said. “Because it hasn’t been long since I changed my position, I don’t go back.” They have no choice but to overcome in their current position, and if they are a closer, there is no background. “I think we should be more responsible and have a stronger mind,” he ordered.

When will the starting lineup be able to find stability as the coaching staff wishes. In the end, Choi Seung-yong, who left due to injury, is the top priority, and we have no choice but to expect the performance of pitchers who are alternative starters.

Coach Lee said, “Choi Seung-yong will take some time. “I know that good teams will pitch in the second division around next week,” he said. “There are players who come up once unexpectedly and show good pitching. I think it will be a stronger team only when a player who plays like (outfielder) Kim Tae-geun comes out to give the team vitality.”

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