“It was an important game, but I understand the fans’ feelings,” and rough Seoul’s “first win.”

FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong expressed his regret to his fans.

FC Seoul drew 0-0 in the second round of “Kyungin the Bee” of Hana Bank K League 1 2024 against Incheon United at 4 p.m. on the 10th at Seoul World Cup Stadium. 토토사이트넷

Seoul struggled under pressure from Incheon early in the first half. Manager Kim Ki-dong brought about the change by putting Lingard in the 20th minute of the first half to change the mood, and Seoul regained momentum. However, he failed to easily attack Incheon’s defense.

The ball did not lead to the front and was repeatedly pulled back. The decisive chance was also missed. In the 38th minute of the second half, Lingard received a pass from Kang Sung-jin in the penalty box and had a good opportunity, but the shot went over the goal.

After the game, coach Kim said, “We met at an important time in Incheon or us. It’s a disappointing game. I feel sorry that we should have won in front of many fans. It was better than the first round, but there is a long way to go. We have to play 90 minutes and show up-and-down plays. There was a scene where they gave chances at the beginning of the second half. I think we need to match it a little more. Since we lost the first game and tied today, we will prepare with the mindset of winning the third round.”

A whopping 51,670 spectators visited the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the same day. It was the largest number of spectators since the 2013 hoisting system and ranked fifth in the K-League history. However, when Seoul failed to win in front of a clouded crowd, home fans booed and expressed their discontent.

“Of course, fans would have liked better performance and points at home, but we have to take the part that we couldn’t,” Kim said. “We fully understand.”

Regarding the fact that the passes were connected a lot from side to side, not from the front, he explained, “There were many situations that I couldn’t help. Since it’s a team where the opponent gets off and strikes a counterattack, if you are blocked by connecting the ball to the center, you will face a crisis. There was a movement to find a good position. When the opponent gets off, it’s a scene that can be produced sufficiently by building up to pull it out.”

Seoul failed to score again on the day following the match against Gwangju. “I talked with the coaches about scoring after the game. The problem is not scoring goals more than winning,” Kim said. “I think I need to think about it a lot and train myself.”

As for the sideback resources, “Tae-seok (Lee) and Dong-jin (Park) all have their own characteristics. Set pieces were also considered, and they are considering how to use them. In the offensive part, Tae-seok was better, and in the second half, Gersault came out and put Choi Jun in. I changed my position to prevent Gersault, but I blocked it well,” he said.

As for the aggressive details, he said, “If you talk about some tactical thing when you can’t win, it’s only an excuse. I’ll try to match it well.”

Lingard displayed a better performance than the match against Gwangju by taking decisive opportunities after being substituted. “I was taking the flow in the beginning but gave it away, and I needed to change it, and I put Lingard in the game earlier than planned,” Kim said. Then, he changed the flow, but now he is feeling physical burden at the end of the second half. “If I had been in a counterattack at the end of the second half and had a better physical condition, I would have accelerated the pace and taken the game,” he gave a positive assessment. “I think I will continue to improve.”

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