9 Billion FA Reward Players Standby in Second Army

Will there be a 150km hidden card in LG…9 Billion FA Reward Players Standby in Second Army

LG failed to catch Chae Eun-sung (33), who declared FA after last season. Chae Eun-sung wore a Hanwha uniform after receiving special treatment of a total of 9 billion won for six years.

The player designated by LG as Chae Eun-sung’s FA compensation player was none other than right-hander Yun Ho-sol (29). Yun Ho-sol received attention as a top prospect when he was at Cheonan Bukil High School and entered the professional stage splendidly when he joined NC with a down payment of 600 million won in 2013.

However, Yoon Ho-sol wore an NC uniform and pitched in two games in 2014, leaving an average ERA of 13.50. After moving to Hanwha, he started to gain attention again with 3 wins and 8 holds of ERA 4.62 in 55 games in 2012. Last year, he played in 52 games with 3 wins, 5 losses, and 7 holds with a 4.04 ERA. He once boasted a heavy fastball that was mentioned as one of the candidates for the closer in Hanwha.

Yoon Ho-sol, who started anew with LG ahead of this season, has yet to make his first appearance in the first division. In September, when the expansion entry will take place soon, Yoon Ho-sol may be seen coming to the first division.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop met with reporters at Jamsil Stadium on the 22nd and mentioned three candidates who will join the first division as an expanded entry in September. Including Yoon Ho-sol, infielder Song Chan-eui and Seo Geon-chang were named.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop ordered Yun Ho-sol to lose weight early on. So far, it has not reached a satisfactory level. Head coach Yeom Kyung-yeop even predicted, “I will have to lose a lot of weight at the final camp this year.”

Still, it is clear that it is a resource that can help LG’s bullpen. It is noteworthy that he has a must-win experience as a bullpen resource that throws fastballs in the 150km range.

This year, Yun Ho-sol has pitched 17⅔ innings in 21 games in the Futures League, with four wins, two saves, and three holds with a 3.06 ERA. There was only one home run and 24 strikeouts. The hit rate is also observed at .212. Will Yun Ho-sol be able to help LG confirm its regular-season title. The implementation period of the expanded entry is getting closer.


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