“Avechrombie, Struggling With Phones.”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, the women’s professional volleyball team, faced a golden opportunity to end the “defeat” against Heungkuk Life this season, but it fell to its knees again. Head coach Kim Ho-chul left a bitter note, saying, “I think Korean players did their best, but foreign players were disappointed.”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea unfortunately lost to Heungkuk Life Insurance Co., Ltd. in an away match against Korea Life Insurance Co., Ltd. in the fifth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League, held at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on Saturday, with a set score of 2 to 3 (18-25 24-26 25-23 26-24 12-15). After losing the first two sets, IBK displayed strength in the third and fourth sets to bring the match to square one, but failed in the fifth set.

Kim picked foreign players as his losers. Currently, Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) is running apogit spy Brittney Abercrombie (191 centimeters) from the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and Asian quarter-setter Ponfun Gerfard (173 centimeters) from Thailand.

Both players have played key roles in the team throughout the season. Abercrombie scored 752 points until the match to rank second. She is serving as the mainstay of her team, ranking second in offense (44.41 percent success rate), third in quick open (47.52 percent) and fifth in overall offense (43.08 percent). Ponfun also joined the team as an Asian quarter and has been called a “luxury setter” for the season.

However, after the match, Kim criticized the two players. “The two main players of the team should have finished on their own, but I was disappointed in that part of today’s match,” Kim said. “I hope that foreign players will lead the team’s mood.”

In particular, he was disappointed in Abercrombie. “He is the least talkative player in our team,” Kim said. “I think he does his part (in terms of performance), but he does not show strong fighting spirit or encouraging other players with big actions.”

As for Ponpoon, coach Kim said, “I only throw the toss as I think.” “Ponpoon’s toss is so fast that there are many balls that our strikers cannot keep up with,” coach Kim said, adding, “The ball comes fast enough for a striker to hit.”

In fact, Kim replaced Ponfun, who plays a central role in the team, and placed him on the bench for a considerable amount of time. “No comment,” Kim said, but smiled bitterly, saying, “Today is like the day when Ponfun was shaken.”

Kim’s face clearly showed his disappointment in losing the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance. He suffered all five losses in this season’s match against Heungkuk Life Insurance. Even before the match, Kim said, “We missed two matches that our opponents could win even if we lost all the games,” vowing to win the match without fail. However, he failed again after a close game reaching the fifth set.

“There was nothing missing,” Kim said, changing the game. “The desire to win should be shown on the players’ faces, but they suddenly showed signs of contraction even if they didn’t play a little bit,” he said. “I won’t think about spring volleyball,” he said, expressing his determination for the rest of the game, saying, “If you just do your best in every game, the results of the game will improve.”

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