FC coach Yoon Jung-hwan reunited with his mentor.

Gangwon FC coach Yoon Jung-hwan reunited with his mentor.

Jeong-Hwan Yoon reunited with Valery Nifomnisi (80) in Turkuye. The meeting was organized during Nifomnisi’s visit to the city. When he heard that his pupil was training in Turku, he came to visit. Time and distance were no barrier to his desire to see his student.

Nifomnisi traveled to Turkuye for four days. He watched two practice matches and gave a lecture to the players. 토토사이트 Master and pupil had a happy time meeting for the first time in about seven years since 2017. They reminisced about their memories in Korea and had deep conversations about soccer.

The relationship between Yoon and Nifomnisi goes back to 1995.

Yoon joined Yugong in 1995 and played for the club for five seasons until 1999. Nipomnisi was the head coach of Yugong from 1995 to 1998, and he chose his “protégé” Yun Jung-hwan. During this time, Nipomnisi and Yoon worked together and have remained in contact ever since.

“I came to Korea at the invitation of my former protégé,” says Nipomnisi. I came to visit a friend who was walking the lonely path of directing. I hope this meeting will be a small event that will give him strength.” “He is a very smart player, so I thought he would be a good coach, and I feel that he can be in the future. We had a very happy time talking about various things. I hope we can meet again in a good place if we have a chance next time.”

Coach Yoon Jung-hwan said, “I’m so grateful and overwhelmed to see him in good health. I wanted to show you in person what a grown-up student looks like one day. I learned the importance of character from him and I still keep it in my heart.”

He continued, “In the short time I’ve known him, I’ve heard his various soccer stories, and I can’t help but say, ‘Wow’. 파워볼실시간 Seeing the coach I admired as a player become a coach like this makes me think that I should become a coach like him,” he said, expressing his admiration for his mentor.

Meanwhile, Nipomnisi is currently the honorary president of a soccer class run by his former players.

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