BCLC CEO shocked by money laundering allegations

Justice Austin Cullen was tasked with leading a public inquiry into money laundering after three reports showed millions of dollars in information was being laundered in the real estate, luxury vehicles and gaming industries. The subject of money laundering criminal activity on casino premises has been quite controversial over the past few years, with many twists and turns.

Jim Lightbody, now chairman of the British Columbia Lottery Company, said he was shocked when the RCMP informed him of reports of such misconduct at a recent hearing by the Cullen Commission. Prior to 2015, such criminal activity was considered only rumours and doubts until the Police Department officially confirmed the development.

The current chairman of the British Columbia-based lottery company also said the company has done everything it can to prevent money laundering from occurring. He claims he was in awe when the RCMP presented evidence of a money laundering case at a casino under the jurisdiction of the Crown Company.

Mr. Lightbody addressed the committee and defended the company’s actions despite being on sick leave. According to him, the BCLC has done everything in its power to minimize the possibility of such illegal money laundering activities. And he also says he first discovered such activity only when evidence was shown by the RCMP.

According to the CEO of Crown Corporation, casinos allowed players to use large cash transactions because many high-profile gamblers did not like the idea of using checks, bank notes or professional casino credit accounts. He also explained that it was because of the player’s privacy problems and cultural reasons.

Wednesday’s statement
On Wednesday, it’s Carrie Screen’s turn to testify before Cullen’s committee. Screen, the executive director of investigation at BCC’s gaming policy enforcement department, testified that he was told in 2019 that Robert Crocker, former vice president of BCLC, had asked the anti-money laundering team to ease the action while investigating illegal activities. But there is no substantial evidence to prove the allegations.

Another thing we can see from the on-screen testimony that anti-money laundering investigator Ross Alderson and two other casino officials were told by Crocker to loosen anti-money laundering measures, the screen said, was that Alderson asked both officials to record the meeting in question. Not only did they not do so, but they also denied Crocker making such a reference. 온라인카지노

Crockett’s moving statement
Robert Crocker’s voice exploded as he testified during Tuesday’s public inquiry hearing on money laundering, prompting his emotions to improve. He added that continued attacks on him and his former team were “destructive” and “unfair” even under Crocker’s vice president, over allegations that BCLC did not respond in time to successfully establish anti-money laundering measures.

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