BCLC Talks About Gambling Addiction Ahead Of New Horizons

The British Columbia Lottery Company continues to develop problem gambling solutions and 건강 programs that promote healthy gaming relationships. Productive conversations such as New Horizons’ recent pre-conference session on accountability highlight new possibilities in the province. As pointed out, financial services companies have the potential to support individuals experiencing problem gambling.

The Crown Company wants to bring people closer to providing various games every day and change the lives of many of them. But this is accompanied by a certain level of risk that should not be overlooked. Gambling addiction can have devastating effects on people’s lives, savings, and relationships. This prompted the British Columbia Lottery Company to improve its problem gambling policy.

Finding improvements that can be improved on existing policies and introducing new policies is important because it improves the lives of crown companies. One of the most recent discussions on this topic took place in a different view of the bank: the role of the financial industry in safer gambling online session. It focused on how financial services companies can support players.

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Natalie Redward, vulnerability manager at Monzo Bank Ltd., was the session speaker who pointed it out. She made it clear that her bank worked on ways to support individuals seeking help to address gambling addiction and its detrimental effects on their lives. Monzo Bank worked on a package of digital tools and support resources that promoted safe gambling and took action. Individuals requesting assistance are available upon request.

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These tools aim to make it easier for individuals who find them to make decisions. In 2018, the bank in question first unveiled a new digital tool that would allow players to block their gaming activities. This happens when gambling purchases made through Monzo bank accounts are temporarily suspended, making it virtually impossible for players to use their money for gambling.

anti-gambling banks
The bank operates with merchant codes provided by card companies to identify any game activity. As Mr. Leward points out, individuals looking for effective tools to prevent spending money online or in-person on games can rely on this. Problem gambling programs should aim at the heart of the problem and at the very beginning.

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Purchases made through individual bank accounts are where the effort should be directed. Mr. Reedward said there was an opportunity for banks to quickly notice their departure from sound spending habits, and game buy was one of them. Monzo acts in a timely manner, providing a problem gambling package of tools available to players. However, in the end, this decision must be made by the player. 슬롯게임

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Dr. Jamie Wibbe, BCLC’s head of player health, said this was the first pre-conference session to pave the way for a productive conversation at New Horizons 2021. In addition to the efforts already shown by the British Columbia Lottery Company, players can receive support from other businesses. The second conversation will take place on January 27, and the two-day conference itself will begin on March 9

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