“Build-up skills are good.”

Bucheon officially announced on Sunday that it has recruited Lee Sang-hyuk to strengthen its defense. It has signed a three-year contract through the 2026 season.

Lee Sang-hyuk graduated from Hyundai High School and Dankook University. He joined Ulsan in the 2023 season. He left for Gimpo for rent through the summer transfer market. Since Dankook University, he has played a big role, winning the second U-League title and contributing to the King’s game. He also scored the winning goal in the regular “Densso Cup” of Korea-Japan football matches in 2022. He was evaluated as a promising player with scoring ability.

Lee Sang-hyuk is also expected to have potential as he has been on the list of the national team for the Paris Olympics, Hwang Sun-hong, starting in 2022. With his strengths in competition for ball in the air and stable personal mark ability, he is expected to play as a strong center back for Bucheon starting this season.

Lee made his professional debut in Gimpo last season, appearing in 13 games. It was a half-season, but he showed his presence by playing in a number of games and recording two assists.

“Lee Sang-hyuk is a player with good defensive intelligence and good sense. As he has good build-up and game management capabilities in the center of the three-back, he is also expected to be a resource to play the role of Nilsson Jr.,” coach Lee Young-min praised the recruitment.

Lee Sang-hyuk, who joined Bucheon, said, “First of all, I’m very grateful that the club and manager Lee Young-min chose me. That’s why my resolution for this season is even more special.” “In order to achieve what Bucheon aims for this year, I will first permeate the team quickly and do my best to show good performance,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lee Sang-hyuk will leave for the first winter training camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with the team later in the day.


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