Samsung entered the All-Star break after an away game against Daegu Gas Corporation on the 8th.

Samsung is still at the bottom of the league with four consecutive losses.

Even after the transition to acting head coach Kim, it has not changed much. Coffey Coburn was away with a thigh injury and could not overcome the power gap.

Samsung, which has to prepare a rebound point, will play an away game against Anyang Jeonggwanjang on the 19th after the All-Star break. It took about 10 days to catch up with the team.

“First of all, I want to laugh a lot. Players are also smiling well inside and outside the club. I am trying to give good things to each other rather than scolding them,” acting coach Kim said. “I think self-reliance and a sense of ownership are more important to players. I think that if you gain a sense of ownership, you will gain a sense of belonging. If synergy is exerted through bonds with your teammates, you will create a culture of unity,” he stressed.

Coburn and Avan Nadda will also join the team after the break. “Coburn is very sorry. I heard he still has pain. After the All-Star break, he will definitely run. (Aban) Nava is also mentally tired and told him to rest for two games before the break. I believe he will get better after the break,” Kim said.


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