“Clean Up the Mood”

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea is ranking fourth with 11 wins, 10 losses and 32 points. At a time when the Korean team is chasing the third-ranked GS Caltex (13 wins, 8 losses, 37 points), it should also beat the fifth-ranked Jeong Gwan-gwan (9 wins, 12 losses, 30 points). The team desperately needs a victory and three points.

The away team Korea Expressway Corporation is sixth with six wins, 15 losses and 19 points. It is trying to set the tone amid the recent losing streak. We need a new mindset in today’s game.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea won all three of the two teams’ showdowns this season. Only the first round showdown on Oct. 28 was a 3-2 final set match, and IBK won the two matches 3-0 afterwards.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea lost 2-3 after a bloody battle with Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 4th. Following the third round face-off, the game, which was all held in the fourth round, was missed as a finishing failure. We have to create a good flow again against Korea Expressway Corporation, which showed an advantage against the opponent today. This is very important.

Korea Expressway Corporation lost 1-3 to Chung Kwan-jang on the first day of the new year after its 3-1 victory over GS Caltex on Dec. 29, and 0-3 to Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the last 5. In particular, Hyundai Engineering & Construction was lethargic. Even if it lost, it didn’t just back down. Today is the first game since the atmosphere was calmed down. We need a change of heart.

Each team plays 36 games during the regular season. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Korea Expressway Corporation both finished 21 games, and they have 15 more games to play including today. This is a long schedule. The rankings are slowly becoming fixed, but volatility is still latent. There is a possibility that the two weaknesses out of the three strongest teams will fluctuate in the second half of the season. To draw the big picture, this is the right time to play. In addition, finishing the season is very important regardless of the ranking table’s location.

As IBK Industrial Bank of Korea is aiming for spring volleyball, all games are like finals. All players on the court should show their capabilities without regret.

Korea Expressway Corporation still has the possibility of spring volleyball. At this point, it is a match that needs to be challenged. In particular, it remains a regret that we have never beaten Hyundai Engineering & Construction and IBK Industrial Bank this season. We have to take the court with a fresh mind today.

While IBK Industrial Bank of Korea uses the Abercrombie, Pyo Seung-ju, and Hwang Min-kyung triangular formation under Ponfun’s coordination, Korea Expressway Corporation was started by Park Eun-ji, the setter of the last game, and Lee Yoon-jung replaced. There is no other attack other than Bukirich.

In the end, today’s game depends on the stability of the main setter of the Korea Expressway Corporation, Lee Yun-jeong, and whether the formation of a triangle formation can be achieved accordingly. If this part is done to some extent, it could be a close game.

The game begins at 7 p.m. The weather is cold and heavy snow warnings have been issued across Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, but the games will continue. This is a showdown between IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Korea Expressway Corporation in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 season.


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