Hangzhou ‘bad manners’ controversy Kwon Soon-woo is eliminated in the first round of the Australian Open for two consecutive years

Lost 1-3 to Klein, ranked 163rd in the world.

Kwon Soon-woo (697th), the star of Korean men’s tennis, overcame an injury for the first time in four months and participated in the Australian Open, the first major tournament of the season, but was eliminated in the first round of the men’s singles.

Kwon Soon-woo defeated Lukasz Klein (164th, Slovakia) 1-3 (6-7<0-7> 6-4 6-7<3-7> 3-) in the first round of the 2024 Australian Open men’s singles held in Melbourne, Australia on the 16th. 6) lost.

He fought in a long match lasting 3 hours and 10 minutes, going to a tie break twice, but was unable to get over the hump.

As a result, he was eliminated in the first round of the Australian Open for the second year in a row, following last year. This is the third consecutive loss in a major tournament.

Kwon Soon-woo participated in the Australian Open and the US Open last year, but was eliminated in the first round of both. He did not play in the French Open or Wimbledon. His most recent major win was advancing to the second round of the 2022 US Open. 카지노사이트랭크

Kwon Soon-woo, who lost the first set at the end of a tie-break, won the second set and brought the game back to square one, but was dragged back after losing the third set at a tie-break. In the end, he was unable to overcome Klein’s momentum and gave up the 4th set.

Kwon Soon-woo suffered a shocking blow from Kasidit Samray (Thailand), who was ranked 636th at the time, in the second round of the singles match at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games last year.

Afterwards, he was at the center of a ‘bad manners’ controversy by smashing his racket hard on the floor and refusing to shake his opponent’s hand. At the time, Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Jang Mi-ran expressed regret and pointed out Kwon Soon-woo’s wrong actions.

Kwon Soon-woo had to write a handwritten apology and personally visit his opponent to bow his head. Afterwards, due to his shoulder injury issue, he did not participate in the ATP Tour or the National Sports Festival. He made his appearance after 4 months, but was disappointed by being eliminated in the first round. 고스톱

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