Kiwoom made 4 major leaguers, Kim Hye-sung also challenges MLB

Kiwoom Kim Hye-seong will challenge the American stage after the end of this season.

Professional baseball team Kiwoom has decided to accept Kim Hye-seong’s (25) intention to challenge for the Major League Baseball (MLB).

On the 16th, Kim Hye-seong met with Kiwoom general manager Ko Hyeong-wook and officially conveyed her intention to advance to MLB through the posting (private competitive bidding) system after the 2024 season.

After internal discussion, the club decided to actively support Kim Hye-sung’s MLB challenge.

Hye-seong Kim said, “The challenge of appearing on a big stage itself is meaningful to me. “As much as the team supports me, I want to prepare hard for the remaining period and achieve good results,” he said. 카지노사이트랭크

Kiwoom is already a team that can be called a ‘major league military academy.’

Including the days of predecessor Nexen, four players from Kiwoom, including Jeong-ho Kang (36, former Pittsburgh), Byeong-ho Park (37, former Minnesota), Ha-seong Kim (29, San Diego), and Jeong-hoo Lee (26, San Francisco), have advanced to the MLB stage through posting. .

This number represents half of the eight professional baseball players who have moved from Korea to the United States through the posting system so far.

Kim Hye-seong, a classmate of Lee Jeong-hoo who joined the pros (2017), has been active as a leading infielder in the league, winning the Golden Glove Award as a shortstop in 2021 and as a second baseman in 2022 and last year.

His career records until last year were 826 games played, a batting average of 0.300, 25 home runs, 311 RBI, and 181 stolen bases. 섯다

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