Canadian Battle for Canada’s GTA Bundle is leading, according to reliable sources.

Great Canadian Gaming, the gambling company behind the River Rock casino resort, entered a casino bidding war for the operation of the West GTA bundle in July this year. Just two months later, the gambling operator was at the center of serious controversy after the newly elected British Columbia government released a pending casino report alleging money laundering for Great Canadian River Rock. Canada’s National Financial Supervisory Service was tasked with investigating reports that the former Liberal government had been hiding for a year.

The report claimed River Rock received a large sum of money for a bundle of $20 bills. The investigation is still ongoing, but Great Canada Gaming has seen several speculations in relation to the case as a media spark has tarnished the company’s reputation. Shortly after Great Canada announced the gambling operator, the company claims it has always been fully committed to fighting criminal activity at B.C. casinos, and it cannot confirm that GOL has not issued a statement following the gambling operator’s investigation.

Great Canadian Gaming Leads West GTA Bundle Competition
This Tuesday, the press Globe and Mail reported that the Ontario Alcohol and Game Commission (AGCO) has already begun a regulatory review to investigate money laundering activities at BC casinos. Treasury Secretary Charles Soza explained that this was a normal procedure and that there was no reason to stop the takeover deal for the operation of the next gambling facility group in western Toronto.

Last year, Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation (OLG) announced it would select a service provider for the West Gaming Bundle this fall. Currently, OLG has placed casino bidders on the final list to compete in the final stages of the bidding process. Great Canadian shared as one of the main bidders for OLG’s decision. Mr. Hydrogen added that Great Canada is not a potential reason for Canada to be an efficient company under investigation.


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