The Quebec MAX ticket in question was eligible for cash payment

If an individual is eligible for a lottery prize, there are many reasons to refrain from collecting it. They may have put the wrong ticket, or they may have simply forgotten to buy the ticket in the first place. There are similar stories about thousands of players who missed their winnings claim deadline because something interfered with them.

Life often gets in the way of things, and anyone who deserves a big windfall can be unable to collect the prize money in time. People from Quebec did, they had a chance to be richer, but they didn’t take all the steps for that opportunity. The Crown Company, which oversees gambling and lottery offers, was looking for the player.

Lotto MAX windfall due in 2 days
The search had been underway since the summer of 2019, when tickets to the Quebec MAX qualified for a cash prize of C$1 million. Successfully matched the drawn number in the regular draw for this week. These special numbers were 2, 9, 10, 16, 25, 29, and 49, which may have special meaning for the winner because they often occur in lottery combinations. As it turns out, the whole world will never know for sure.

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The person who owns the winning ticket can usually claim the prize for a total of 52 weeks, but 2020 was different from any other year. The unprecedented situation has affected gambling sites on a national scale, as well as lottery games. Lotto Quebec made it clear last year that the deadline for collecting prize money would be extended.

more unclaimed goods
The extension added six months to the usual 12-month period, giving individuals eligible for windfall a chance to go to a retail store and see if they own a winning ticket. Reno Dugas, a spokesman for Crown Company, noted that there have been a total of seven official announcements in the past 18 months.

Manitoba Lotto fans need to grab tickets
The winner of the cash payment failed to contact the game leader in time, and this does not happen often. In most cases, lottery millionaires claim the prize before the deadline. Two more goods are set to expire this month in Quebec’s way, and individuals who qualify for them still have time to collect windfall money. The first product will expire on January 7th.


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