Construction officials, including Incheon club CEO Jeon Ha-soo, Incheon Transportation Corporation President Kim Sung-wan, and auditor Yoo Joong-ho, attended the signing ceremony to shine.

Under the signing of the business agreement, the Incheon club will conduct team marketing on trains and stations on Incheon Metro Lines 1 and 2, and will support mutual work to promote major construction projects for visitors to the club’s home games for Incheon Transportation Corporation. As a result, Incheon team advertisements are expected to be available on the Incheon Metropolitan Railway from the second half of this year.토토사이트 순위

Kim Sung-wan, president of Incheon Transportation Corporation, said, “Through this business agreement, I became very interested in the Incheon United professional soccer team. “In the future, we will find ways to coexist with the Incheon club so that we can entertain citizens through soccer,” he said.

Jeon Hae-soo, CEO of the Incheon club, responded, “I hope you will meet Incheon United more often on public transportation in Incheon through a business agreement with the Incheon Transportation Corporation and take a step closer to citizens as a civic team.”

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