Sprint refers to a race with an average speed of more than 22.68 kilometers per hour while maintaining 14.4 kilometers per hour for at least 2 seconds.

Park Soo-il, who ranked first in both sprint distance and frequency, played full-time in five games in July, recording 137 sprints and 2,931 meters in distance. Second place Ko Jae-hyun also proved to be a strong player in the sprint with 123 sprints and a distance of 2,789 meters in five games.

The athlete who ran the most distance in July was Han Kook-young in Gangwon Province. Hankook Young ran 62.98 kilometers in five games in July to become the No. 1 player in this category.

Gwangju Jung Ho-yeon (57.98km) came in second, and Park Soo-il (57.18km) came in third.

Jeon Jin-woo, who is leading Suwon’s rebound, ranked first in the highest speed category (36.73km). Following Jeon Jin-woo, it was Lee Kwang-hyuk (Suwon FC, 35.69km) and Vaselus (Daegu, 35.51km).

In the 21st round of the match against Daejeon, Jeon Jin-woo recorded a maximum speed of 36.73km in the process of penetrating past opposing defender Anton in the 14th minute of the second half.

The No. 1 packing index in the K League 1 is Pohang Steelers defender Grant.

The packing index is the number of opponents who beat the pass when it reaches a teammate, and is an indicator of the efficiency of the pass.

Grant, who played five full-time games in July, beat 497 through 328 passes.

In particular, Grant ranked first in packing in long distances of more than 30 meters and second in mid-range (15-30 meters).

The federation explained, “It means that Grant’s pass from the defensive area or the midfield to the front boasts that high accuracy.”

In the final third (attack area), Seoul’s Ki Sung-yueng (59, packing 109) showed the best performance.

The federation said, “Ki Sung-yong is a player who mainly stays behind the midfield and in the defensive area,” adding, “His entry into the offensive area itself has the effect of pressuring the opponent.” “It means that he shook his opponent by adding an accurate pass,” he interpreted.

In the K League 2, Kaz of Bucheon FC was ranked No. 1 in the packing index (pass 276, packing 424).스포츠토토 사이트 추천

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