Coupang Play, and there was no Busan Metropolitan City

PSG, the expo that I didn’t feel at all, Coupang Play, and there was no Busan Metropolitan City

It has been noisy for almost a month. This is about the friendly match between Paris Saint-Germain and Jeonbuk Hyundai in the 2023 Coupang Play series held at Busan Asiad Main Stadium. Soccer fans were angry over whether the city-based Busan I-Park was right to give up its home turf to a third team in the name of an event match to pray for the 2030 Busan Expo.

However, when I visited the game site on August 3, I felt something strange. It was obviously a game to pray for the Busan Expo to be hosted. There should have been something to announce the willingness to host the Busan Expo externally by hosting a super club called Paris Saint-Germain, but there was little sign of that. Except for LED A board advertisements, messages related to the origin of the Expo could not be seen. Even high-ranking officials of Busan Metropolitan City, such as Mayor Park Hyung-joon, who promoted the game while causing the controversy, could not be seen.

So, the game would have seemed like an event held by the organizer Coupang Play just to get publicity and ticket revenue from the company to someone who doesn’t know anything about it.

According to testimony from various officials related to the hosting of the game, Busan Metropolitan City, which voiced the need for the game to promote the hosting of the expo, was very unfaithful. This section summarizes and explains this.

The unfortunate situation of Busan I-Park, which was pushed out of the stadium without proper consultation and had a hard time due to various problems such as variable seat cost and season ticket refund, has already been introduced through various media. They have also been paying rent since the end of last year, when the donation period ended, for the clubhouse built by the parent company 20 years ago. According to the staff’s explanation, the clubhouse parking fee is also being paid steadily. Anyway, this has nothing to do with the Coupang Play series issue, so I’ll point it out later.

Here, we will shed more light on the irrationality felt by Coupang Play, which hosted the game. Coupang Play was able to match events using Paris Saint-Germain even if it was not Busan. This is all the more so when you think of Coupang Play’s capabilities, which have been praised by soccer fans for playing very well in mammoth events over the past two years.

The reason why they did not hesitate to plan the game was because of the proposal of Busan Metropolitan City, which was eager to promote the expo. They believed in the Busan Metropolitan City’s proposal to provide all support and decided to help the cause of hosting the Expo.

However, it became very chaotic due to the situation that took place after the news of the game was reported through the media. As is well known, Busan I-Park, which was using the Busan Asiad Main Stadium, did not know this at all. Busan I-Park was only notified by Busan Metropolitan City, but Coupang Play officials in the soccer world such as Busan I-Park were very embarrassed by Busan Metropolitan City’s attitude of not organizing traffic. 먹튀검증

An official likened, “It was a relationship between the landlord (Busan Metropolitan City), the existing tenant (Busan I-Park), and the new tenant (Coupang Play).” If the landlord wants to receive a new tenant, the existing tenant problem must be sorted out first. This is common sense. However, the landlord intentionally made a double contract, causing existing tenants and new tenants to conflict with each other. What’s more problematic is that the landlord seems to be fighting with each other and falling out.

Surprisingly, it was Coupang Play, not Busan Metropolitan City, who played with his feet to finish the game successfully.

On July 10, shortly after the news of the game broke out externally, Coupang Play was the fastest to respond when Busan I-Park showed signs of discomfort. Coupang Play officials rushed to Gimcheon Sports Complex to meet senior Busan I-Park officials who were on the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Gimcheon Sangmu expedition on the 10th to appease them.

Not only that. Coupang Play continued to discuss compensation measures that Busan I-Park and their fans would be satisfied with. They conveyed each other’s will and hurt their feelings in the process, but anyway, they tried to help Busan I-Park and fans as much as possible. In addition, the Busan I-Park’s requirements were received, coordinated, and delivered to Busan Metropolitan City so that they could be achieved. Coupang Play seems to have considered this a proper way in reality because it was proposed and pushed ahead with the work.

However, Coupang Play, which met with Busan Metropolitan City after receiving a proposal from Busan I-Park, received only a cold answer that it was not possible due to the ordinance. In the end, the compensation policy was said to have ended with Coupang Play’s preparation. An official said, “There are no seats exclusively for supporters in the variable seats of Busan I-Park. Coupang Play has decided to produce variable seats behind the goalpost for Busan supporters. “I know that there are about 200 seats,” he explained.

To sum up, Coupang Play tried to end it in a good-looking way by shaking off their pockets. But when I think about it, even this is ridiculous. This is because Busan Metropolitan City should do this, not Coupang Play.

Then, what did Busan Metropolitan City do? I didn’t leave my hands alone. According to an official, Busan Metropolitan City has told Busan I-Park that it will hold only one of the four events originally scheduled at Busan Asiad Main Stadium from August to November, when the venue for the expo is decided.

I don’t know if I should thank you for saying that I will reduce the event relay as much as possible and do it only once, but according to this, Busan I-Park may move again before the end of this season.

In addition, Busan Metropolitan City also collected the rental fee for the stadium at Busan Asiad Main Stadium in Coupang Play, which they attracted in the name of hoping to host the expo. In addition, it seems to be due to the ‘Ordinance’, but it is questionable where the cause of the hope of hosting the expo lies. If I knew this would happen, would Coupang Play have held this game in Busan? Busan Metropolitan City gradually fell out, and it was a game that only Coupang Play and Busan I-Park, which did not blush each other, were upset.

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