Daedo’ KT Moon Sung-gon, the league’s best defender, steals the most in a quarter ever

Suwon KT won 82-64 at a home game against Goyang Sono held at KT Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon on Wednesday. It was dragged by Sono through the third quarter, but Bath’s three-point shot at the last minute tied the game 59-59, and from the fourth quarter, it gained momentum to win.

It was Paris Bath (24 points) who scored the most points, but Moon Sung-gon, who recorded eight points, eight rebounds, five assists, and eight steals in 29 minutes and four seconds, was also outstanding.

In the fourth quarter, Moon was just his nickname, “Moon Gil-dong.” He continued to steal games and was active in rebound fights. He was busy, helping defense and moving forward.

As a result, Moon had three rebounds, four assists, and six steals in the fourth quarter alone, turning the game around. Six steals is the most in a quarter in the KBL history. The previous record is five steals. (This is the most in the KBL record program, but it is accurate in terms of the scope of the record since the 1997-1998 season.)

So far, he has garnered five steals in one quarter 16 times. Among active players, Lee Jung-hyun (current Samsung) during his time at Anyang KGC and Lee Kwan-hee (current LG) during his time at Seoul Samsung were both players. In addition, coach Kim Seung-ki (current Sono) and coach Kim Sang-sik (currently Chung Kwan-gwan) achieved this feat when they were active players.

If a game is expanded to include one, eight steals are tying for fifth among Korean players. It has been released 15 times by 11 players, including coach Kim Sang-sik and coach Eun Hee-seok (currently Samsung). Lee Seung-hyeon (KCC) was the only active player before Moon Sung-gon.

Also, eight points plus eight rebounds plus five assists plus eight steals in a game is the eighth time in history. It came out eight times in total by seven players.

The last record was set by Chris Williams (31 points, 16 rebounds, eight steals, and seven assists) of the Goyang Orions on Jan. 5, 2012. It took 11 years for this record to be re-released by Moon. Heo Jae and Kim Tae-sul are the only Korean players who have achieved this record except for Moon.


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