Professional volleyball Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has won consecutive games.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the set score 3-0 (25-22 25-22 25-21) in a home game against OK Financial Group in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 15th.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which beat No. 1 Woori Card (31 points, 11 wins and 4 losses) after a full-set battle on the 12th, started its winning streak.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (28 points, 11 wins and 5 losses), which fell to the third place after losing to Korean Air (28 points, 9 wins and 6 losses), won the shutout and regained the second place in a day. The two teams have the same points, but Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was ahead in multiple wins.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s first-set come-from-behind victory went to the end

The winner was set in the first set. OK Financial Group, which has recently been mired in three consecutive losses, took the lead until the end of the set thanks to Leonardo Leiva Martinez (registered name Leo).

However, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was driven to 17-19, tied the game 19-19 due to Kim Joon-woo’s blocking and opponent Cha Ji-hwan’s attack error, and succeeded in reversing the game as Shin Jang-ho’s open attack and Zargalchukt Enkherden’s (registered name Eddie) fast attack.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which first reached the set point, won the first set as a sub ace of “fixer” Yosbani Hernandez (registered name Yosbani).

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which came from behind to win in the first set, was unstoppable from the second set. It overwhelmed OK Financial Group with a 70.37% to 45 percent success rate in attack. On the other hand, OK Financial Group had a dogged pursuit but collapsed on its own due to its mistakes.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co. ran away in the third set thanks to Yosbani’s explosive attack, which scored as many as nine points by itself. However, it made an error at the end of the set and allowed the score to be tied at 20-20.

Nevertheless, OK Financial Group no longer had the strength to follow Leo, who was most trusted, as he was sluggish, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which made a match point 24-21, finished the game again with Yosbani hitting a serve ace.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance broke down OK Financial Group’s defense as Yosbani scored 28 points with a high attack success rate of 60.98%.

Yosbani is the “first contributor” who made Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was the lowest in men’s last season, leap to the lead by ranking first in various offensive indicators such as scoring, serving aces, and open attacks with his undulating performances this season.

Yosbani from Cuba is already in his third year in the V-League. His experiences in various stages including Turkiye, Spain, Italy, and Bahrain are also shining.

Yosbani, however, was not alone in his efforts. On the same day, Shin and Kim scored double-digit goals, which helped the Korean team win the gold medal.

On the other hand, OK Financial Group was the only one with Leo scoring 15 points, but even this, the attack success rate was only 43.33 percent due to the opponent’s intensive check. If OK Financial Group, ranked fifth, is to get out of the bottom ranks, domestic players need to work harder.

This means that V-League clubs are highly dependent on foreign players, but they need the help of domestic players. It was a match that showed the difference between a popular team and a team that did not.


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