Defending champion LG won and started to sow.

The agony was not long. The team already finalized its plan to nurture new outfielders who have grown tremendously since the camp. The exhibition game has just begun, and they have already won a spot in the opening entry. LG is aiming for consecutive wins and is set to continue three years from now.

LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop announced Kim Hyun-jong’s entry for the opening game ahead of the exhibition game against Suwon KT on Sunday. “Hyun-jong is constantly growing. I’m going to put him in the opening game to keep an eye on his growth,” Yeom said. “I’ll gain experience in the first division for a month from the opening game and continue to participate in matches in the second division a month later. After fulfilling my confidence in the first division, I will encourage him to play in the second division every day based on his confidence.”

He was half-believing until the start of the Arizona camp. He was the best outfielder in high school last year, but he is still a professional. The same applied to Kim’s performance as coach Yeom Kyung-yeop and the coaching staff. He was very athletic, but he had to fill in many details.

However, he grew day by day during the camp. He quickly absorbed the coach’s guidance and seniority in hitting, defense, and base running. He hit a triple in the match against Cheongbaek, which was his first real game during the camp, and a home run in the game against NC. He created a new wind by recording hits and stolen bases in each game.

Had it been a team that had prepared for rebuilding, it would have appointed Kim more boldly. However, LG is a contender who seeks to win the title for the second consecutive year. Boasting national team-class outfield players, it is clear that LG is best 9. Unless it is an injury to key players, it is not easy for a backup or a rookie to join the lineup.

Therefore, Kim decided to make changes every month. For the first month of this season, including the opening game, Kim encourages the players to feel the hot atmosphere in the first division. He will play matches in the Futures League every day. When Kim moves to the second division, he puts Song Chan-ui on the first division. He induces competition between two right-handed outfielders who should someday play key roles in the team, while giving them chances to play in multiple matches.

The same goes for the bullpen session. Yoo Young-chan, Baek Seung-hyun, Park Myung-geun, Jung Woo-young and Kim Jin-sung will be in charge of the must-win group, while Lee Sang-young, Choi Dong-hwan, Lee Woo-chan, Yoon Ho-sol and Kim Yoo-young will back up the must-win group. Sung Dong-hyun and Kim Dae-hyun, who participated in the camp, will go back and forth between the first and second teams. Sung Dong-hyun and Kim Dae-hyun cannot guarantee their entry to the first team immediately, but they throw fastballs of 150 kilometers or more, so they will practice and nurture them at the same time. Each player clearly defines his or her position and competition structure, and manages players deliberately.

A pinch runner is also a competition. Choi, who was acquired through trade last year, picked third-year rookie Choi Won-young as a competitor. Choi has stolen base in both exhibition games. He played in only 14 games in the Futures League last year, but posted a batting average of 0.308. Although he was not on the Arizona camp list, he was recommended by the second team prior to the exhibition game and joined the first team.

Manager Yeom said, “Seungmin’s competitor has appeared. That’s how good Wonyoung looks. In our team, a place for a pinch runner is very important. Like Seungmin did last year, a pinch runner can make three or four more wins in a one-point game. We will see who will be more effective, Seungmin or Wonyoung.”

The team’s point of view is that it will win the championship for two consecutive years. Except for the bullpen, it maintained its winning record last year. Internally, it sees a high possibility of winning two consecutive games. At the same time, it looks at the future.

“We have no expectations on rookie players, including Hyun. Leading the team’s victory is decided by the main players. However, we have to think about how we form and how we can move our team in three years. We have to find and implement the most appropriate method for what we can get in three years,” Yeom said, drawing a blueprint to win today and continue to win in the future 토토사이트

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