Head coach Kim Ho-chul said, “GS Caltex is ahead of the team, but we don’t know the results.”

The Industrial Bank of Korea came from behind to win 3-1 (19-25 25-19 25-18 25-19) in the semifinals of the tournament against KGC Ginseng Corporation at Park Chung-hee Gymnasium in Gumi on the 4th.

The Industrial Bank of Korea, which passed the group stage as the first place in Group B, will meet GS Caltex in the final on the 5th, breaking expectations.

Head coach Kim Ho-chul said, “After losing the first set frame, I asked the players to relax. He said, “I thought about what we practiced, what we had to do on the court, and said let’s do the best we can.”

Setter Kim Ha-kyung’s change in the management of the game was effective.

Head coach Kim said, “Ha Kyung’s toss was not fast in the first set. I asked Ha-kyung to take an adventure, saying she would lose if she did this. If the toss is a little late, the opponent will attack, so let’s take it out quickly on both sides. “It didn’t work at first, but I think the opponent missed our players as the Ginseng Corporation’s concentration decreased,” he stressed.

“After the first set, the effective blocking was almost 50% different. I asked the players to leave it to Hakyung. I told the strikers to trust the setter and go. Since then, the players seem to have played well,” he explained.

I remembered that the players had grown up after three practice games.

Head coach Kim said, “I played three practice games before the cup tournament, and the players were really bad at the game. I was so pathetic that I thought I would pack my things and go home first in this competition. It seems that the players have changed their minds since that day. Kim Ha-kyung’s play revived, and Hwang Min-kyung led the first game. “Pyo Seung-joo and Shin Yeon-kyung seem to have come this far as they led the team,” he laughed.

The Industrial Bank of Korea once defeated GS Caltex in the group stage. However, head coach Kim stressed that GS Caltex’s power is far ahead.

Head coach Kim said, “GS Caltex didn’t play well enough to ‘what’s wrong with him’ that day. “I think it’s difficult for us if GS Caltex does it like today,” he said adding, “I want to ask the players to have fun tomorrow.” In terms of power, we fall far behind. But I don’t know volleyball. I think if we work hard and play as we want, there will be opportunities. “I’m looking forward to winning, but I think it’ll end with expectations,” he said honestly.

Regarding Yuk Seo-young, whose skills have grown rapidly, he said, “My skills have stabilized a lot.” Yuk Seo-young was originally a little stretched player, but that part got better. My concentration has improved a lot. He said, “He is an indispensable player in our team now.”

It is unclear whether Choi Jung-min, who is suffering from an ankle injury, will play.

Head coach Kim said, “Jung-min injured his ankle during practice yesterday. He said he could run today, so I sent him out. I don’t know if I can run tomorrow. The pain is probably severe. Tomorrow is a 2 p.m. game, so there is no break. “Thank you for playing even though you’re sick, and thank you for leading the team this far,” he confessed. 토토사이트

The defeated manager Ko Hee-jin of Ginseng Corporation blamed himself for the disappointing defeat.

Coach Ko said, “It became an apologetic game for the fans. I will make up for my shortcomings so that I can show you a good performance this winter. “I think I have to prepare well for the rest of the year,” he said.

“I’m sorry for everything. It is clearly the coach’s responsibility that he did not perform at all. I didn’t know it wouldn’t come out this much, but I should have thought about it that much. “As the game became difficult, I kept on increasing myself,” he said regretfully.

Coach Ko said, “Our team’s power is weak right now, and there have been frequent errors. The opponent is playing monotonous, but he can’t overcome it. This is also my responsibility. I missed the timing of the monotonous play. I don’t think it’s going to work just by screaming in the stadium. “I think there’s only training,” he stressed.

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