I got it again!

I got it. – You missed it. – I got it again!’ Moon Bo-kyung’s stunt to erase the full base situation

LG third baseman Moon Bo-kyung finished the dizzying experience with a good defense.

Kiwoom’s No. 7 Joo Sung-won pinch hitter Lee Hyung-jong put catcher Park Dong-won and third baseman Moon Bo-kyung in position to catch the ball when he fired a foul fly high in the top of the eighth inning of the 2023 professional baseball game between Kiwoom Heroes and LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium on the 1st. 토토

The catcher and third baseman are competing because they are not able to play a call.k.a. call. The ball, which was sucked into Moon Bo-kyung’s glove, bounced back out of the glove. The scene of Moon Bo-kyung, who is falling, tossing it back to her knees and catching it with a glove, passed by in an instant.

While it was so quick that it was impossible to judge the situation, the full base situation ended in vain when Moon Bo-kyung took the ball out of his glove and confirmed that he had caught the fly ball.

Let’s take a look at a series of stunts that took place in an instant! 2023.08.01.

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