“That’s my mission.”

The club’s first record, and the pride of QS+…Ko Young Pyo, “That’s my mission.”

Ko Young-pyo started the game against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium on the 6th and led the team to a 3-1 victory by writing a quality start plus with six hits, one walk, five strikeouts and one run in seven innings.

With the victory, Ko won his 10th win (5 losses) of the season. He also proved his aspect as a “Doosan killer” once again by winning six consecutive games against Doosan from the Jamsil game on May 6 last year. Since the match against Kiwoom in Gocheok on the 13th of last month, he has continued his three-game winning streak. In addition, he has recorded a quality start for 10 consecutive games since the match against Lotte on June 6, proving his aspect as a “inning player,” a virtue of a starting pitcher. He has achieved quality starts 16 times out of 20 games he took the mound this season.

Ko Young-pyo, who joined KT in 2014 and achieved his first double-digit multiplier in 2021 with 11 wins (6 losses), was named in history as the first pitcher in the KT club to win 10 games in three consecutive seasons.

KT manager Lee Kang-chul also said, “Congratulations on Ko Young-pyo’s achievement of double-digit wins for the first three consecutive years of the club.” “Like an ace, he showed good pitching and crisis management skills against the opponent’s batters,” he praised.

Ko Young-pyo led the mound until the seventh inning with a total of 103 pitches. He blocked Doosan’s batting lineup with fastballs (43), changeups (44), curves (15), and sliders (1), which are up to 140 kilometers.

Ko Young-pyo, who took the mound with scoring support by giving up two runs in the KT lineup from the first inning, allowed only one run in the sixth inning. Ko Young-pyo, who was hit by a double by Doosan’s Jose Rojas after one out, handled Kim Jae-hwan with a ground ball to first base and sent the runner to third base. He then committed a wild pitch during Kim In-tae’s at-bat, allowing Rojas to home in.

However, Ko Young-pyo’s goal was up to there. KT’s batters scored one more point with Kim Min-hyuk’s left fielder sacrifice fly in the top of the seventh inning, widening the gap by two points.

Thanks to Ko Young-pyo’s long innings, the KT bullpen was able to finish the game with only two players, Park Young-hyun and Kim Jae-yoon.

After the game, Ko Young-pyo said, “I heard it was KT’s first record. I think records follow naturally with good pitching. Nevertheless, I feel good about achieving the record and thank my teammates,” he thanked his teammates.

Ko Young-pyo, who pitched in the heat of up to 35 degrees Celsius, said, “It was fortunate that it was less hot than I thought. I had a hard time playing because I sweated a lot because it was humid, but it’s the same for the other team to play in the same environment. “In the meantime, I think it’s a relief that I threw seven innings.” 토토사이트

He also recalled a conversation with coach Lee Kang-chul, who took the mound in the seventh inning. Ko Young-pyo said, “The director said he came under check. He came to change the mood and said he wanted to take charge of the inning. So he told me to cheer up until the end,” he said.

On this day, Ko Young-pyo also wrote the 14th Quality Start Plus. Except for two out of 16 quality starts, he has exceeded seven innings. Ko Young-pyo, who achieved Quality Start Plus 10 times in 2021, set this record 13 times last year. And this year, I’ve gone beyond myself.

Ko Young-pyo said, “That record is always conscious,” adding, “It’s my mission, so I aim for that and play with a quick count on the mound to prevent innings with a small number of balls.” “I want to try more than 16 Quality Start Plus this year,” he said.

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