Will we see ‘Holan vs Minnie Holan’ next season

Buyout 73.1 billion → ‘Over-the-counter London’ derby to take place

An ‘off-the-field London derby’ has been organized for Benjamin Seschko, nicknamed ‘Mini Holland’.

Football London reported on Sunday (June 17) that “Sesho’s release clause will be activated in the coming months. RB Leipzig could be forced to let him go if a bid of £43 million ($73.1 billion) comes in,” the report said.

Sesko is a Slovenian striker nicknamed ‘Mini Holland’. He played for Red Bull Salzburg before moving to the German Bundesliga. His path is similar to that of Elling Holland.

The other conditions are similar. Holan is 194 centimeters and 88 kilograms, while Seshko is 195 centimeters and 85 kilograms. Their playing styles are similar, with Holland being nicknamed a “mini-Holland” because of his ability to penetrate quickly and score at a high rate.

Sesko has seven goals and two assists this season. His rival, Royce Offenda, has been in tremendous form this season, so he’s been getting fewer starts, but he’s been making up for it. Last month, he scored against the ‘big boys’ Bayern Munich.

He”s still only 20 years old and has a bright future ahead of him. That’s why many big clubs are after him. And with a recent buyout price of 73.1 billion won ($73.1 million), two of the most prominent London teams in the English Premier League (PL), Arsenal and Chelsea, are salivating.

Both teams are in the market for a solid frontline striker. Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus is injury-prone. Eddie Nketiah needs to be listed more. They’ve had fun with Kai Havertz recently, but they want someone who can finish more assuredly. Mikel Arteta said: “I understand why the fans are asking for a number nine. The club has already drawn up a plan,” he said, hinting at the signing of a 메이저사이트 frontline striker.

Chelsea’s Nicola Jackson often misses good scoring chances. Armando Broja has been underperforming and has been loaned out to Fulham for the rest of the season. According to soccer statistics site FútbolScore.com, Chelsea”s expected goal value this season is 54.86xG, but they”ve scored 46 goals. They need someone who can convert more of their chances into goals.

If Šeško moves to the PL, we could see a ‘Holland vs Minnie Holland’ showdown next season. It will be interesting to see what the young Slovenian striker decides to do.


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