Nottingham promotion cuts shock disciplinary action


Regarding Johnson’s transfer to Tottenham, who is supported by Son Heung-min… What happened?

Brennan Johnson, who is playing with Son Heung-min and Tottenham Hotspur, a 안전놀이터, was involved in the Nottingham Forest points cut.

The Premier League Secretariat officially announced on its website on the 19th (Korea time) that “Nottingham has lost four points due to violation of the league’s profitability and sustainability rules (PSR) rules.” As a result of the disciplinary action, Nottingham (6 wins, 7 draws, 16 losses, 35 wins, 51 losses, -16 losses) fell from 25 points to 21. Nottingham, which was in 17th place, fell to 18th place, the relegation zone, behind Luton Town (22 points).

Nottingham, which was competing at the bottom, was quickly relegated to the relegation zone. Nottingham is one of the most prestigious teams in England, and it won the UEFA Champions League in 1978-79 and 1979-80 seasons. He was a great commander of the Premier League, but moved around to the lower leagues after being demoted. Then, he moved to the Premier League in 23 years after the English Championship (playoff) in 2021-22.

Nottingham has recruited players at the level of re-foundation. He spent a lot of money to complete the recruitment, and Hwang Ui-jo was recruited and attracted attention. He stayed in the Premier League in the 2022-23 season. This season, while competing to stay, he will be hit by a point cut. The reason for Nottingham’s disciplinary action was Johnson.

Johnson is a Nottingham holy-goal youth and has played only for Nottingham all along.

When Nottingham was in the English League 1 (tertiary league) in the 2020-21 season, it had 10 goals and 12 assists in 40 matches, contributing to promotion. In the 2021-22 season, he had 16 goals and nine assists in 46 matches in the English Championship (tertiary league). He also scored two goals in three matches in the playoffs, boosting his promotion.

Nottingham was on the verge of being demoted last season amid promotion to back-to-back, and Johnson’s performance helped his team stay in the club. Johnson played all of the Premier League matches and scored eight goals and three assists. He used his fast feet to lead the attack in Nottingham’s counterattack and made manager Steve Cooper happy by scoring attack points whenever he needed to. Johnson has become a member of the Welsh national team and has completed a drama in which he is growing from a third-division league player to a Premier Leaguer to a Welsh national team.

move to Tottenham ahead of this season.

The transfer fee was £47.5 million. Under the absolute support of Tottenham captain Son Heung-min, Johnson has adapted well and is establishing himself. There is no problem with the transfer itself, but it was the timing that mattered. The Premier League should not lose more than £105 million (about 178.6 billion won) over three seasons on its own, but Nottingham only needed to lose £61 million (about 103.8 billion won) because of its long stay in the championship.

He spent a lot of money, so he had to make up for the loss through the sale. The deadline for the 토토사이트 Premier League’s profitability and sustainability rules is June 30, but Nottingham had not been able to sell players until then. Johnson moved to Tottenham in September, which was taken into account, but the Premier League secretariat did not reflect this, and Nottingham defended based on the timing of Johnson’s transfer.


It wasn’t an eight-point cut as it was being talked about, but four points were cut. Nottingham said, “I was disappointed with the announcement made by the Premier League secretariat. We talked for a long time through cooperation and cooperation, and it undermined trust and trust. I was surprised that the club did not take into account the special situation. This approach will be difficult for the promoted teams and will further weaken the Premier League’s competitiveness.”

“The transfer of players is so specialized that it cannot be compared with the sale of general products and services. The timing of the transfer may vary depending on the situation, but it is very worrisome not to admit it. This decision will disrupt the entire transfer market. If we ask them to realize profits through fostering, the English soccer will stagnate as a result. We actively cooperated, but the Premier League did not respond,” he said.

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