Imperial Pacific Holdings Opens New Saipan Casino

Saipan casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings announced this Thursday that it will start operating games at its permanent resort, with the casino operator recently receiving permission to start operating games .

Game regulators in the Northern Mariana Islands Commonwealth officially authorized the work process to begin last week. The resort in question is the Imperial Pacific Resort Saipan, which has not yet been completed. Upon approval, Imperial Pacific International said it aims to open a new establishment .

It currently operates a temporary Saipan casino called Best Sunshine Live, which can be classified as a “training” casino. Located in a luxury shopping mall in Garapan, it opened for customers . The casino operator has plans to suspend operations of the casino and relocate it to a new permanent location, and the Commonwealth Casino Commission has conditionally approved the casino’s opening request.

The opening of the venue has been the subject of many delays in the development process, including garbage fires, workplace deaths, reluctance to pay wages for some subcontractors, and a thorough investigation of unregistered foreign workers. Fortunately, now this is all in the past, and the Imperial Pacific Resort Saipan is finally ready to welcome its customers.

Kwong Yu Ling, CEO of Imperial Pacific International, expressed excitement for a new era in which the company is entering. They are facing a new high-end stage in Saipan as the new gaming layer boasts more than 70 gaming tables and more than 190 electronic game consoles. This will provide all customers and game enthusiasts with the opportunity to fully enjoy its potential and test their skills in the field.

For the time being, the venue will not provide hotel rooms, as this part of the entire project is still under construction. Under the terms of the game license, the resort must open a 250-room hotel to the public before game activities begin. However, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Lottery Committee approved extending the deadline by one year .

A large coming-out party planned as a new gaming venue could be affected by potential protests from construction workers who still expect Imperial Pacific International’s subcontractor, Gold Mantis, to receive wages. More than 30 foreign workers gathered outside the resort to protest the lack of compensation and pay for their hard work.


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