Boxster Ace Lovell Enters Top 10 Auto Sports National Driver Rankings

Lovell is the driver who won the Baxter Cup this year and took the 2023 total to 11 with a hat-trick at the Porsche Festival event. The victory brought him up 18 spots to 11th place on the autosport winner’s table.

Despite the relatively few club races held last weekend, there were still quite a few mistakes in the rankings. But it all happened outside the top 10.

Graham Fennymore moved up to 12th place with two wins at Croft, which earned him his second historic Formula Ford 2000 title. They also allow him to climb 10 places on the leaderboard.

The title was also decided at Donnington Park at the Caterham 50th Anniversary Festival, where the 270R crown is on Freddie Chidix’s way after a neck-and-neck race with Charlie Lower.

The Chidics won the first two games in Leicestershire to the point where they clinched the championship and made the finale. This also means that he has improved from 35th to 17th in the rankings.

Meanwhile, Pennymore wasn’t the only historic single-seat driver to leave Yorkshire with another title in their name.

Callum Grant achieved his third historic FF1600 conquest with two wins, moving his ranking from 23rd to 21st.

Grant won his third title at Croft after a duel with Ben Sims at the historic FF1600


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