It is said that the club made a separate back-money deal during the player’s FA contract process.

Citing the case of former KIA Tigers general manager Jang Jung-seok, who was dismissed after he was found to have demanded Park Dong-won (LG) to pay for the extension contract, Yoo said, “The professional baseball FA ‘back money deal’ has long been widely reported in the baseball world. “The president, general manager, and operation team leader sign a large contract with FA players and receive the price from the players,” he claimed.

An SSG official said, “The club has not had any back-end deals regarding the contract between players and coaches. I also checked the contract at that time. It’s groundless. I immediately asked KBO to investigate the facts,” he countered.

Lawmaker Yoo said, “Player A, who had completed his FA contract with SK and went on training, had to go to the police station as soon as he returned home,” and added, “According to the investigator at the time, it is presumed that the club official made back money without knowing that A signed an FA contract.”

Lawyer Kang Yoon-kyung, who is defending player A, who claimed that the club suffered damage by taking care of the FA’s back money, said, “As the controversy over former general manager Jang Jung-seok erupted, the player reported the damage. Player A is not currently an active player and he is not looking for compensation. “I hope to restore my reputation, which was tarnished by such events at the time,” he explained.

Representative Yoo also claimed, “Many of the FA contracts submitted by domestic clubs to KBO and kept by KBO have been found to be different from the baseball yearbook announced by KBO every year.”

Lawyer Kang said, “Player A was investigated at the time, but the investigation was closed because there were no special charges.” In response, player A points out that the contract currently kept in KBO and the contract details he knows are different. Even when I was investigated, I had a hard time because the contents of the contract and what I knew were different, he said.

As lawyer Kang said, the investigation was concluded without any special charges at the time. SSG is in a situation where it cannot hide its embarrassment. It is possible to compare the contract A received at the time of the contract with the contract kept by KBO, but according to lawyer Kang, the contract A received has not been secured.

A parliamentary audit will be held on July 24. Rep. Yoo will ask KBO President Heo Gu-yeon, who will attend as a witness on the day, about the transaction of FA contracts and KBO’s poor management of FA contracts. 사설 토토사이트

It remains to be seen how the former SK and retired A will be mentioned at the meeting.

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