Its Lee Kang-in, Who Injured his thigh

Lee Kang-in, recovering quickly… AG national team coach Hwang Seon-hong “I wish I could join quickly”

Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain, PSG), who injured his thigh

ahead of the September international match and the Hangzhou Asian Games, is said to be recovering quickly.

Hwang Seon-hong

Coach Hwang Seon-hong, who is very popular with the Asian Games national team, was looking forward to joining the team and working together. 바카라사이트

Changwon Sports Complex on the 5th, said, “According to the official email (from PSG), Lee Kang-in’s recovery speed is very fast.”

He added, “On the 13th, they announced that he will join the Asian Games national team.

“The official position is that we will provide an answer regarding this,” he said.

Lee Kang-in

Lee Kang-in, who is considered a key member of the Asian Games national team,

started as a starter in his team’s league game on the 20th of last month, but was later informed by the club that he injured his left quadriceps muscle on the 22nd.

He was not named on the list for the two-game international match (Wales and Saudi Arabia) held in Europe in September, and concerns about the Asian Games were growing as he continued to miss his team’s games.

Coach Hwang explained, “When I contacted the player himself,

he said he would be training with the ball starting this week,” and added, “It seems like the team is focusing on preparing for next weekend’s game.”

When asked, “Does this mean that he will join the Asian Games national team after playing one game for his team?”, “Kang-in said that (at PSG) that is the plan.

As we want him to join quickly, this is a problem that Kan-in must solve.

“I think so,” he said.

Paris Saint-Germain

Coach Hwang hopes that PSG will share Lee Kang-in’s condition on the 13th as scheduled,

that if Lee Kang-in is judged to be in good condition, he will join immediately.

Coach Hwang said, “It’s been over a year since I worked with Kangin.

He’s a great player, but I’m anxious because he needs to adapt to his combination and positioning with his teammates.”

He added, “It would be good if I could join before the tournament, but due to various circumstances,

I think there is a possibility that I can join at least as soon as the first game.”

He added, “Personally, I hope he can come quickly.”

Coach Hwang showed a cautious attitude regarding Lee Kang-in’s position in the Asian Games national team.

He said, “I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen it with my eyes,” and added, “I communicated with Lee Kang-in,

but there will be a difference between what I say in words and what I do at the training ground, so I will consider the overall combination.”

Asian Games

As Lee Kang-in was unable to join and some players had to travel to the A national team,

only 17 of the 22 finalists for the Asian Games were summoned to Changwon as of today.

Seven training partners, including players from the U-20 national team, are joining in to help.

Coach Hwang said, “I think the variable will be when National Team A and Kang-in will join.

I think we will have to plan for the first game with the players we currently have,” and added, “We will prepare by carefully understanding the physical aspects of the players.”

“There are difficulties with organizational training, but we plan to proceed in detail,” he said.

The Asian Games national team, which was convened the day before,

will train in Changwon until the 12th and then move to the Paju National Team Training Center (NFC) on the 13th to cool off and leave for China on the 16th.

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