Jeonnam 1915 athletes are set to compete in the ‘National Championships Open’

Jeonnam 1915 athletes are set to compete in the ‘National Championships Open’, with Anbangseo aiming for 3rd place overall.

Athletes from Jeollanam-do who competed for the national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games will help the province finish third overall at the Anbang National Games, the first in 15 years.

A total of 1915 athletes (1,319 athletes and 596 officials) will compete in 49 sports, including track and field, at the 104th National Games, which will be held in the region for the first time in 15 years since the 89th edition in 2008, the Jeollanam-do Sports Association said on Wednesday.

Jeonnam will take advantage of its hosting advantage and go on a medal hunt, aiming for third place overall.

Jeonnam won a total of 189 medals – 50 gold, 55 silver and 84 bronze – at the 89th Games, finishing third overall with 54,697 points, behind Gyeonggi (434 medals, 83,421 points) and Seoul (299 medals, 65,107 points).

Since then, Jeonnam has been in the bottom half of the 16 provinces and cities in the 97th edition of the Games, finishing 14th overall in 2016 (28,791 points), 13th in 2017 (30,738 points), 10th in 2018 (32,708 points), 13th in 2019 (31,148 points) and 13th last year (31,525 points).

At the Games, Jeonnam will be able to compete in the final tournament as the host province and will be hoping for medals from Lee Kye-rim (Damyang County) in shooting, Kim Ha-eun (Naju City) and Na Yun-seo (Jeonnam Mirongo) in cycling, Kim Min-soo (Jeonnam Province) in wushu, Kim Ji-jung (Suncheon City) in judo, Jeong Na-eun (Hwasun County) in badminton and Yang Yeon-yeon (Jeonnam Province) in squash, who performed well at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Shot putter Jung Il-woo (Yeosu City Hall) will try to win his eighth consecutive national title, while hammer throwers Park Seo-jin (Mokpo City Hall), 바카라사이트 Jung Il-woo (Jangheung-gun) and Yoon Woong-jin (Jeonnam-do) will be looking to win their fifth straight.

Triple jumpers Kim Jang-woo (Jangheung-gun), boxers Lim Ae-ji (Hwasun-gun) and Park Chorong (Hwasun-gun Sports Association), and modern pentathlete Seo Chang-wan (Jeonnam-do), as well as Mokpo City Hall hockey and KEPCO rugby teams, will also be looking to win back-to-back titles.

“We will spare no effort to help them achieve good results at the national championships in their hometown after 15 years,” said Song Jin-ho, head coach of Jeonnam.

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