Surprises Voluptuous Round Girl With ‘Hug Ceremony’ After Victory

Sneaky Filipino Boxer Surprises Voluptuous Round Girl With ‘Hug Ceremony’ After Victory

A Filipino boxer’s sneaky victory lap is going viral.

Vince Paras, a 5-foot-9 Filipino boxer, won a close 8-round flyweight bout in Japan on December 12.

In his post-fight celebration, Parra unexpectedly embraced the round girl next to him. The round girl, named Saori, looked wide-eyed and surprised, but laughed it off.

After the match, she posted a photo of herself hugging Paras on social media, writing, “Congratulations Paras.”

This is not the first time Paras has acted out, 먹튀검증 as he also hugged and laughed at the round girl next to him after winning a match in May. His outburst brought a smile to the referee’s face.

According to Japanese martial arts publication Ifight, “Round girls in Paras matches need to be careful. He has a habit of hugging a voluptuous round girl after a match,” reported Ifight.

Fans who watched his gesture had mixed reactions, from “cute,” “envious,” and “confess to the round girl,” to “did he hug her again?” “Isn’t that molestation?” and “this is a crime.”

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