KBO and CJENM sign a broadcasting rights contract for 135 billion won for three years

KBO officially announced that it will sign a contract with CJ ENM for wired and wireless broadcasting rights in the KBO League from 2024 to 2026, and conduct wired and wireless broadcasting through TVing for three years from 2024.

Through this contract, CJ ENM will have the exclusive right to resell the broadcasting rights along with the domestic wired and wireless broadcasting rights for all KBO league games for three years. 토토사이트먹튀

KBO said, “Any fan who loves baseball can freely use the game shorts video of less than 40 seconds on all social media platforms.”

Videos of KBO league games have been restricted from baseball fans’ use of social media platforms for the past five years. However, starting this year, only shorts that take less than 40 seconds can be actively produced. KBO and its respective clubs expect new baseball fans to gain more access and expand their core fans.

KBO and 10 clubs can also produce a wider range of content, including scenes of KBO league games, through official social media channels.

In addition to improving the KBO league viewing experience and broadcasting quality, KBO will cooperate with TVing to help baseball fans enjoy the KBO league in a more diverse way.

CJ ENM will officially provide additional features such as highlights of the previous game and replay of the entire game, running 10 teams’ full-time channels, time machine function to replay missed scenes, and chatting function, starting March 23, the opening day of the regular season.

In the regular season, a game will be selected once a week to showcase the TVING SUPER MATCH, which will produce and broadcast differentiated baseball broadcasts that have not been seen before, including special preview shows, in-depth interviews with coaches and players, and review shows after the game.

From March 9 to April 30, when the exhibition game opens, users who sign up for the TVing service can watch the KBO League for free during the period.

In addition, CJ ENM will directly produce exhibition games in which broadcasting is not produced on TV, broadcasting through TVing, and providing services so that baseball fans can watch all the exhibition games of the cheering team.

If you purchase a TVING ticket after the free event period, you can watch the regular and postseason games. In particular, through the “Advertising Standard” plan to be released on the 4th, you can enjoy all KBO league games with a resolution of 1080P or higher at the lowest price of 5,500 won per month.

The live broadcasting service does not operate a free-roll advertisement. This service is for baseball fans to watch the game faster. Except for the live broadcasting, all game replay, highlights of all games, VOD and text graphic broadcasting are free of charge through TVing.

You can also enjoy the KBO League through the TVing Smart TV app on the smart TV platform.

KBO held a competitive bid to select preferred negotiators from December 4th last year to January 3rd this year. The criteria for selecting preferred negotiators were to add up the scores of technical evaluation (50%) and price evaluation (50%) that evaluated the bid offer price, which consisted of various evaluation items indicators such as business performance capability, business strategy and operation plan, system and infrastructure construction, contents activation plan, coverage security plan, and related business performance.

CJ ENM, which earned the highest score in the comprehensive evaluation, was selected as the preferred bidder at an evaluation meeting involving the board of directors of KBOP, a marketing subsidiary of KBO. The two sides reached a final agreement on February 16 after about 40 days of preferential negotiations from January 8.

This contract for wired and wireless broadcasting rights is 135 billion won (annual average of 45 billion won) for three years, the largest amount of wired and wireless broadcasting rights in Korea’s professional sports history, and it is a super-large contract that more than doubled the annual average from the existing wired and wireless broadcasting rights contract of 110 billion won (annual average of 22 billion won) over five years.

KBO has taken a big step forward in the industrialization of the KBO league by signing a total of 162 billion won (54 billion won per year) in TV broadcasting rights contracts with three terrestrial broadcasting companies for three years, and signing the largest-ever wired and wireless broadcasting rights contract.

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