Lotte trade treasure, human triumph drama sequel

…excluded from the first team on the day of the All-Star selection

No drama, no drama, no drama. A player who was a backup until last year has transformed into a starter as soon as he switched uniforms in a trade, coming within a hair’s breadth of a record that would surprise everyone, and, to top it off, being named his first All-Star.

Son Ho-young, 30, Lotte’s “trade treasure,” moved to Lotte from LG in a trade in March and injected new life into the Lotte batting lineup as he made the leap to the starting lineup. Despite being sidelined with a right hamstring injury, his hitting hasn’t slowed down, leading to a staggering 30-game hitting streak. One more game and he would have tied the record for the most consecutive games in a single season in history.

Although Son didn’t match Park’s 31-game hitting streak in 1999, his performance deserves to be applauded. The fact that a player who had never played a full season before came so close to the record was a huge ‘event’ in itself. “I was a nobody until last year. It doesn’t make sense for me to set any records. I don’t mind if the record is broken right away.”

Last year, Son played only 27 games in the first team, batting .205 with a .222 on-base percentage, .273 slugging percentage, .495 OPS, and one home run, six RBIs, and two stolen bases, but this year, he has already played 48 games, batting .324 with a .362 on-base percentage, .551 slugging percentage, .913 OPS, and eight home runs, 37 RBIs, and six stolen bases in the best season of his life. Although his 30-game hitting streak came to an end, he was able to pick up his hitting again on April 23 against Gochuk Kiwoom, going 2-for-3 with a double, a home run, an RBI and two runs scored.

The performance has paid off in the form of a first-time All-Star. Son’s name was included in the list of 26 manager’s picks for the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO All-Star Game announced by the KBO on Thursday afternoon. Joining his teammates Kim Won-joong, Park Se-woong, and Lee Jung-geun as manager’s picks was the culmination of a life-changing drama.

But on such an auspicious day, Son had to go to the hospital for a checkup. Son, who had recently been batting as the designated hitter due to a sore right hamstring, was eventually cut from the first team roster. A Lotte official said, “Son Ho-young had a medical checkup and her right hamstring was not good, so we decided to cancel her entry into the first team 토토사이트 as a management measure.”

It’s unclear right now when he’ll return. His participation in the All-Star Game also remains to be seen. A Lotte representative said, “Son Ho-young’s participation in the All-Star Game is currently undecided. It will be decided depending on his recovery,” the official added.

This is unfortunate news for Lotte, who were looking to raise their pitching before the end of the first half. The team was on the verge of building a “complete nuclear batting lineup” with “Captain” Jeon Jun-woo returning from a calf injury and playing in a recent Futures League game, but the loss of Son Ho-young increases the likelihood that the team will end the first half without a complete batting lineup.

Son Ho-young has already returned from a hamstring injury to showcase her fiery batting prowess. We wonder when we’ll see him swing the bat again.

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