MGM China Announces Plans To Install More Game Tables And Extend Sales And Marketing Teams During Q3

Leading Macau-based developer, game resort owner and operator MGM China Holdings said it was ready to install additional game tables and expand its sales and marketing teams in MGM Macau and MGM Cotai during the third quarter.

This was also revealed , An investor conference call after the company’s parent company MGM Resorts International announced its second-quarter earnings. In a related development, MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle said in a call Wednesday, “The group completed some renovations on both properties in Macau just weeks ago. The company plans to complete the deployment optimization of additional game tables in the third quarter.”

Recent increase in number of game tables:

MGM China has increased the number of game tables allocated to the company, or 200 tables, by 36%, under the latest game concessions that took effect on January 1, and has also received official licenses to manage a total of 1,700 game consoles and 750 game tables.

In this connection, Hornbuckle noted. “There are about 150 tables, and there are 50 more left. And I think that will help our shared story as we enter the second half of the year. In Macau, we focus on four key priorities: activating 200 incremental tables, changing casino floors to maximize returns, managing premium mass customers, and guiding overseas customers to our accommodation through a global branch network.”

Sales and marketing team expansion plans:

Hubert Wang, president and chief operating officer of MGM China, said in the call, “The company tried to expand its sales and marketing team. I think this will be very important in securing our customers. We will use the network that MGM Resorts has internationally to drive overseas markets.”

But he added. “I think we’ve already made a lot of progress. We will open more offices in this area and double the number of people, sales and marketing personnel. Improvements to capital projects and real estate remain critical to improving customer experience, especially on the premium mass side.

“At MGM Macau, we will be working on the renovation over the next few months and quarters. We will also renovate out-of-game programs and products or build them under a re-bidding agreement.”


“MGM China’s performance was very strong,” Wang said. In this regard, he said, “We are seeing higher numbers than in the second quarter.


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