The batting sense is cold and the defense is shaky…Director Chae Eunsung, thank you. Why?

In particular, the batting sense cooled down with two home runs and nine RBIs OPS.715 in 12 games in September. On top of that, the defense of first base became unstable. Three errors alone in the last 13 games.

In particular, he made a mistake in failing to catch Lee Do-yoon’s throw, who caught Park Hae-min’s grounder to shortstop against LG in Daejeon on the 15th. As the ground was wet due to rain, Lee Do-yoon’s throw did not come to the chest position accurately, but it was not a position that could not be caught. It was a mistake that served as an excuse for two runs, and Hanwha suffered a rainfall call defeat (3-4) by LG in the seventh inning.

Chae Eun-sung is shaking in offense and defense, but the trust of the head coach is not shaken. Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho said of Chae Eun-sung, “I’m a little tired. The movement has slowed down. When I was in LG, there were quite a few cases where I fell into bad times, but I’m playing almost full this year, so it’ll be hard. Especially this summer, it was very hot. “We will increase the percentage of designated hitters for the time being,” he said.

Chae Eun-sung, who moved to Hanwha for a large amount of 9 billion won for six years last winter, is doubling his fatigue as he even plays the role of the team leader. In the middle of last month, Chae Eun-sung said, “(The role of leader) seems to be really difficult. “I’m busy doing my own thing, but it’s not easier than I thought to lead my juniors while playing well in baseball,” he said honestly.

However, due to the team’s situation, Chae Eun-sung could not rest for a long time. When I was in LG, I went down to Futures when I had a bad feeling and adjusted it or took a break, but I couldn’t do that in Hanwha, which has a weak depth. Now that I’m an FA contractor, I can’t afford to do that.

In particular, he has been suffering from hamstring pain since the beginning of last month. Coach Choi said, “There is no player who is in 100% physical condition during the full season. Eun-sung also has a hamstring and a little tight wrist. If you are tired and sick, your agility and reaction speed will inevitably decrease, he said. “It’s great to have played without breaking away so far.” Trust in the team leader Chae Eun-sung, who was the centerpiece as a veteran. Still, thanks to Chae Eun-sung’s perseverance, Hanwha also ranked eighth, escaping from the fear of falling last place for four consecutive years.

As Chae Eun-sung is expected to increase his weight as a designated hitter for the rest of the season, alternative first baseman resources are needed. Kim In-hwan, who went down to the second division due to a decrease in batting sense on the 27th of last month, has raised his batting sense again with a batting average of 5459 (12 hits in 22 at-bats) 3 RBIs in the last 7 Futures League games. Coach Choi said, “I’m looking at the timing of the (first-tier call-up) because I think it’s getting better recently.”


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