“Dementia Overcoming Day” event with the Incheon Metropolitan Dementia Center on the 21st

“Dementia Overcoming Day” was established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Alzheimer’s Association to form a consensus on the importance of dementia management and overcoming dementia, and SSG and the Dementia Center have been conducting a joint campaign for four years this year.

First of all, the SSG team will play in commemoration of the campaign by attaching a “Danbi” character sticker to the hat and helmet, which is a strong partner for dementia patients.

The Dementia Relief Center, the Incheon City Gun-gu Dementia Relief Center, Incheon Senior Protection Agency, Incheon 1st and 2nd City Elderly Nursing Hospital, Mental Health Welfare Center, and Suicide Prevention Center will then operate event booths under the theme of “Improving Dementia Awareness” at the first base square. The booth will host a variety of programs, including large puzzles, dementia OX quizzes, dementia prevention rules, and picture book exhibitions, and will present various prizes to participants, including emergency kits, hand creams, and eco-bags.

In addition, during the innings, a “Danbi” character doll will be provided as a gift through an electronic display quiz to promote “Humanity Care,” a dementia management technique that respects dementia patients.

On the other hand, members of the National Anthem will participate in the singing of the national anthem, and Park Yeon-soon, a dementia patient with early age (an outbreak under the age of 65), will participate in the first pitch.


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