Namyangju Dream Baseball Team

The non-profit private organization Korea Public Interest Sports Club (hereinafter referred to as the organization) founded the “Namyangju Dream Baseball Team” consisting of people with developmental disabilities in Namyangju on the 2nd. Among the “good influence” projects underway by the organization, it announced that it will establish and operate a baseball team to learn group activities and rules through baseball for 12 friends with developmental disabilities in Namyangju City through sports utility projects, and to let them know that they may be a little slow but can move forward with effort and passion.

With the cooperation of the Namyangju Welfare Bureau, the organization established a team by signing an MOU with The Heart Love Social Cooperative (CEO Kim Min-seo), a developmentally disabled facility organization located in Toegyewon-eup, Namyangju.

As the manager of the “Namyangju Dream Baseball Team,” Yoo Seong-min, who is guiding the “Namyangju Dream Girls,” and Choi Sun-ho, who is guiding the “Gangbuk Little Baseball Team,” plan to guide from the basics.

Shin Si-hyun, chairman of the organization, said, “I hope that more sportsmen will be created by reducing sports delivery and entry barriers to more places by reducing sports delivery and entry barriers to more places through the organization’s ‘Good Influence’ project to establish and operate the ‘Namyangju Dream Baseball Team’ following the ‘Namyangju Dream Girls’, an elementary women’s baseball team.”

He also mentioned his desire that “I hope not only popular baseball and soccer, but also various and wide-ranging sports will respond and contribute to the development of Korean sports.” 토토사이트먹튀

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