The resurrection everyone’s been waiting for

Oh Se-hoon, who was once expected to be the next striker for the national team, began to rise in his third year after a difficult two years after entering Japan.

Machida Gelbia, who played the fifth round of the 2024 J1 League at Machida Gion Stadium in Tokyo, Japan, on the 30th, won 3-1 over Sagan Tosu.

Zelbia led the league with four wins and one draw in its first five matches. After drawing Gamba Osaka in the opening round, Zelbia continued to win four consecutive official matches. His tenacious defense enabled him to grab a goal difference. Nagoya Grampers and Kashima Antlers were held 1-0, while Consadores was held 2-1. In addition, the team secured a three-goal victory as well as a two-goal lead in the first division for the first time in the club’s history against Sagan Tosu.

It is a sensation in the promotion team. Gelbia has been moving back and forth between Part 2 and Part 3. In 2018, the IT company Cyber Agent became the parent company, and the team’s finances improved significantly. Investment in Gelbia has also increased as several business units, including the mobile game “Uma Musume,” which was popular in Korea, became popular. Originally, the promotionable ranking was achieved several times, but the qualification was not met due to infrastructure issues. As soon as they qualified to go to the first division through the renovation of their home stadium, they actively spent money on recruiting players. As a result, they continued to enjoy the sensation of winning the second division and leading the first division early in the first season.

Oh is starting in all five games, and he scored multiple goals in the fifth round after missing goals in the previous four games despite favorable reviews. Against Sagan Tosu, Zelvia led the way with a shot that Fujimoto Kazuki turned to head in a set piece situation in the fifth minute. However, the first half ended in a tie, giving up an equalizer to Marcelo Hian in the 34th minute.

Oh was the player who led the team to the victory. In the ninth minute of the second half, Oh took the ball away from Hirakawa Yuga through forward pressure and received the ball that he gave away. Oh, who was penetrating towards the goalpost at the right time, threw himself and pushed Hiragawa’s pass.

In the 12th minute of the second half, Oh Se-hoon sealed the victory. He took advantage of his advantage. Hiragawa’s cross was short, but Oh Se-hoon ran forward and scored a beautiful header into the corner of the goal. At the end of the game, Oh’s two-top partner Fujio Shota missed the penalty kick, but he kept the win without any problems.

Among his fellow strikers is Australian striker Mitchell Duke, who also scored at the World Cup. However, Oh remains strong.

Zelvia has added more players to its promotion this season. One of the most ambitious recruitments was Na Sang-ho, the Korean national winger, who has yet to play due to a knee injury sustained in the early days of the season. Instead, Korean defender Jang Min-gyu is playing as the starting member along with Oh Se-hoon.

Oh Se-hoon was a big prospect who contributed to the runner-up of the tournament as Lee Kang-in’s attacking partner during the 2019 U20 World Cup in Poland. He was highly praised for his 193cm height, excellent physical struggle, and strong left foot shot. In 2019, he continued his rise in the U20 World Cup to the league and scored seven K-League 2 goals at Asan in South Chungcheong Province, which he was renting at the time. After serving in the military at Gimcheon Sangmu (change of hometown from Sangju Sangmu during service), he finally returned to his original team Ulsan Hyundai, where he scored 10 goals including the 2021 Cup, raising expectations.

However, he chose to go to Japan at a time when he needed momentum to gain momentum, which slowed his growth. He failed to take the starting role in the 2022 Shimizu S-Pulse, only scoring one goal in the J1 League. He moved to the J2 League with Shimizu last year, when he only had two goals and four assists.

Oh Se-hoon, who scored two goals and one assist in just five rounds this season, is finally expanding his position as a confident main striker in the J1 League.

Although he has never played for the A team, Oh has been considered one of the next strikers for the national team since he was a member of the national youth team. He has returned a long time, but is still young at 25. If he continues to grow further, he can continue the line of tall strikers, which was briefly halted after Kim Shin-wook. 토토사이트넷

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