‘No. 5’ Doosan, not applauded until the end…finally apologizes

The Doosan Bears, a professional baseball team that was booed for playing fall baseball, finally delivered an official apology to fans.

Doosan apologized to fans through its official social media accounts on Tuesday. The photo shows the team greeting the crowd after losing the first game of the 2023 KBO League Postseason (PS) Wild Card (WC) Decision at NC Park in Changwon on Nov. 19. On that day, Doosan lost to NC 9-14. The team’s pitching, defense, and fielding performance were all poor.

Of course, it wasn’t as bad as the fall baseball season. Considering that the team was led by a “rookie” manager, Lee Seung-yeop, and that Doosan finished ninth last year, it was a good enough performance.

However, it wasn’t enough to fill the hearts of the fans. From the beginning of the season to the end, the details of the play did not improve, the defense was not good enough, the new faces were not developed properly, and the lethargic performance in the last three games of the season cost the team a chance at third place and left them in fifth place. In the final home game, where the fifth place was confirmed, Doosan greeted the fans as a send-off ceremony, but the fans present at the time booed the coach.

In the short game, fans were left even more disappointed. The bats failed to capitalize on their early opportunities, and the mound collapsed in the fourth inning after giving up a walk-off single and a back-to-back home run. The bullpen collapse, coupled with defensive errors, only added to the negative reaction from Doosan fans.

Eventually, the team bowed to the fans with an apology. “We’re sorry,” Doosan apologized, “we didn’t live up to the expectations of the fans, and we fell short.” “Next year, we will definitely show the power of Miracle Doosan. Thank you very much for this year,” he said.

-Here is the full text of the Doosan Bears’ season-ending message.

Thank you all. We didn’t do enough.
Despite the support and encouragement we received throughout the year, we were unable to reach 메이저사이트 the heights of our fans’ expectations.
This is because we were not good enough.
However, based on this year’s experience, we will definitely show the power of Miracle Doosan next year.
Once again, I would like to bow my head to the Doosan fans and express my apologies and gratitude.
I’m sorry, and I’m so grateful for the whole year.

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