Paradise City welcomes the development of Wonderbox next year

Japan’s Pachinko operator Sega Sammy Holdings reportedly Fara Korea in first half of next yearIt has announced that it will open Wonderbox Indoor Family Entertainment Venue at Is City Integrated Casino Resort.

The Tokyo-based conglomerate revealed this as part of its half-year financial results (pdf), explaining that total investment in the 10.6-acre plan has increased to nearly $1.4 billion, according to a report by GGRAcia on Friday.

Paradise City, located next to Incheon International Airport, is listed in SeoulIt is operating in partnership with Is Company Limited, and opened in April 2017 as the first truly integrated casino resort in Korea. Segasaemi Holdings explained in detail that the Yeongjongdo facility debuted at clubs, spas, and shopping malls in late September, and has since begun “strengthening promotional activities for customers in Japan.”

“The group is FaradaWe will continue to work to build more integrated resort development and operational know-how through the dispatch of personnel to Is City.”

Tokyo-listed Sega Sammy Holdings Inc FARADA in connection with financial results for the six months to the end of SeptemberSAYS IS CITY’S HALF-HALF CASINO DECREASE AT ABOUT $182.79 MILLION, NET SALES AT RESORT BUSINESS UP ABOUT 8.6% YEAR AGO TO $45.74 MILLION AND OVER 9% DECREASE IN VEHICLES TO ABOUT $10.41 MILLION.

However, Sega Sammy Holdings, Inc. SEGA reportedly reportedly reported an overall half-year profit of just over $59.46 million, down 62.3% year-over-year, thanks to a 12.2% drop in net sales to about $1.51 billion. 바카라사이트

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