Federal prosecutors raid Kangwon Land casino headquarters

In South Korea, federal prosecutors reportedly raided the office of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism over the weekend and executed a search warrant in connection with allegations of illegal hiring of domestic Gangwon Land casino employees.

The Korea Times newspaper reported Sunday that the move was carried out by a special unit of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and that a former senior tourism official, referred only to as “Kim,” may have illegally granted permission to expand Kangwon Land Casino in exchange for a job inside the nation’s largest casino for four families.

Investigators later seized documents containing a 2013 expansion contract at a gambling house in eastern Gangwon Province, the newspaper reported Saturday, as well as the headquarters of Kangwon Land, a casino operator.

The Korea Times reported that it was the first time that government officials tried to find out what role the ministry played in expanding Kangwon Land casino and raided the office of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on charges of illegal hiring. Prosecutors believe Kim had numerous phone calls with a senior Kangwon Land employee before announcing that his family had been hired through official job interviews before signing an expansion deal ahead of Kangwon Land’s casino expansion.

Kangwon Land Casino, the only place in Korea where locals and foreigners can gamble together, opened in 2000 and now has a 293,757 square foot casino floor with about 180 game tables and about 1,360 slots. It is also one of the most profitable casinos in the Asian country, after about $73,500,000 in details (pdfdfdf), including revenues from non-gambling activities of just over $21 million, with about $353.6 million in operating profit in the last quarter.

The Korea Times reported that the weekend search came two days after the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office executed search warrants for opposition Liberty Korea Party lawmaker Yeom Dong-yeol and lawmaker Kwon Sung-dong, following allegations that former Chuncheon District Prosecutors’ Office Choi repeatedly pressured Choi to enter documents. 슬롯머신

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