Successive wins suspended.

Toronto, Kikuchi lost despite one run in seven innings…Successive wins suspended.

The Toronto Blue Jays’ winning streak has been suspended.

Toronto lost 0-1 to the Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio on the 9th (Korea Standard Time). The defeat ended the winning streak in four games. He recorded 64 wins and 51 losses with one win and one loss in the series. Cleveland is 55-59.

Toronto’s batters were dragged away without properly targeting opposing starter Tanner Bybee (six hits, six strikeouts and no runs in seven innings)

It seemed to be lucky in the third inning. Brandon Belt’s bunt hit to third base, followed by Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s grounder to third base, became an infield hit and filled the base.
That was the end of luck. George Springer struck out and Dalton Basho struck out swinging, missing the opportunity.

Following the first and second bases with two outs in the first inning, he missed a chance to have a full base with one out in the third inning, and he has not stepped on the second base against Bibi since then.

In the ninth inning, he made his final resistance against his opponent’s closer Immanuel Clase. Leadoff hitter Basho made an infield hit with a surprise bunt and then made a second base chance with no outs with a steal.

pinch hitter Matt Chapman’s ground ball then became an infield hit with a big bounce, followed by a chance to first and third bases with two outs.

On the Toronto bench, Alejandro Kirk was substituted. However, Kirk stepped back with a fly ball and missed his last chance.

Toronto starter Yusei Kikuchi also fought well. He pitched seven innings, three hits, one walk, six strikeouts, and one run. He pitched seven innings for the first time since his home game against the Oakland Athletics on June 25. 스포츠토토

He lost a point in the second inning. Following leadoff hitter Oscar Gonzalez’s infield hit to shortstop, Ramon Laureano’s grounder to third base fell along the inside of the foul line and became a double, and the first baseman came home as the ball rolled to the deepest part of the outfield.

After losing a point, he blocked the opponent’s batters by allowing only one walk until Brian Rocchio allowed a double in the seventh inning with two outs. He averaged 95.2-mile four-seam fastball (51%) and 88.1-mile slider (27%) with 81.8-mile curves (16%) and 86.8-mile changeups (6%).

In the third episode, he also performed tricks. In the match against Stephen Kwan, he went into the first base cover and caught the toss of first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. with his bare hands to get him out.

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