Monterreggie Attracts Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 Cash Dummy C$34.5M

Quebec received the most lottery prize money in the past year, with another person added to the list this week. The Montereggi area is home to Lilian Sinot Deschunes, who recently became Quebec’s latest lottery millionaire. At the grand event, Lotto Quebec gave her a Canadian $3,200,000 Lotto Max check, which she deserved, while still disappointed.

Meanwhile, another couple from the same region won 2,500,000 Canadian dollars thanks to the lottery ticket of 6/49. When it comes to winning the lottery, we never knew exactly where the big cash would fall. It becomes clear only when the Crown Company investigates this matter. Lightning never strikes twice, but Montgomery residents may think differently. For two consecutive days, two large lotteries headed there. 릴게임

Deschunes qualified for $32 million after purchasing a Lotto Max lottery ticket that has the potential to change his life. In the end, Mr Deschunes’ number matched that drawn on 18 October, and immediately became the only individual to have this chance. She took time before contacting Lotto Quebec because it’s hard to believe she’s still a winner.

Quebec Lotto MAX lovers could soon receive CA$32 million in Bonsang
The Monterey resident is persistent when it comes to lottery purchases and buys Lotto Max lottery tickets ahead of a weekly draw. Her hope has always been to grab the money bag that Lotto Max lottery brags about. The winning purchase was made at Maxi & C in Longue, meaning the retailer will receive C$320,000 of its total cash payments.

Winners Think The Same: Lotto 6/49 Canadian $9M Jackpot Provincial Split
The winner went to check her ticket on October 19. Her spouse joined the self-ticket checker, where she and the two were to snack. At first, she thought that the amount she could receive was 32,000 Canadian dollars. After focusing more on zero, she realized that the amount was actually millions of dollars.

Lotto 6/49 to change the lives of game participants
Meanwhile, Ms. Deschunes was eager to receive her award for having a celebration party at her Montreal office in Roto Quebec. Plans for the near future include traveling around the world with loved ones, as well as buying new motorcycles and new cars. Other winners celebrating the great windfall were Jean Roach Tremblay and Sophie Grote Hailing from the same region.

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The Lotto 6/49 joint lottery they purchased was one of two tickets won in the Oct. 19 draw. This meant it was eligible for a cash payment of C$2.5 million. The couple bought the lucky lottery ticket from Defanure Ultra Denison in Shepherd. According to the regulations, the retail store will be C$25,000.

Someone could take away the main prize for Lotto 6/49 Canadian dollars 25 million Canadian dollars right now
Mr. Tremblay couldn’t believe his eyes when he found out about this and screamed so loudly that the whole family had to see what had happened. He used the Lotto Quebec mobile app to allow players to scan tickets and easily know if they would win. It’s time for serious planning, but this couple aren’t in a hurry to do anything. They took the time to weigh all the options.

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