“Thanks for the interest, but rejected.”

Germany’s Mundo Deportivo reported on the 24th (Korea Standard Time) that “a few weeks after Sabi announced that he would leave Barcelona (after the 2023-2024 season) in January, he was offered the job. Sabi thanked him for his interest. However, he declined the offer despite his confidence that he would not remain in Barcelona after June 30.”

Barcelona is preparing to bid farewell to Xavi again. And the Korea Football Association (KFA) is looking for a replacement for Jurgen Klinsmann, who was sacked in February. According to reports, KFA approached Xavi immediately after he expressed his intention to resign from Barcelona, and offered to take the position of A team coach.

Xavi returned to his former team in November 2021, taking over as Barcelona manager after Ronald Koeman. Although he won La Liga in the 2022-2023 season, he was criticized a lot for his disappointing performance and poor cup performance.

Xavi finally announced that he would leave the team at the end of this season. After losing to Villarreal in January, he made a surprise statement at a press conference, saying, “It’s time for a change,” and also expressed his willingness to resign. Barcelona accepted the offer.

Things have changed. Barcelona continued its good performance after Xavi said goodbye and also advanced to the quarterfinals at the UEFA Champions League. Despite being eliminated in the semifinals, Ronald Araujo’s early exit was fatal.

As public opinion changed drastically, coach Xavi and Barcelona changed their minds. The two sides reached an agreement again, and on April 25, coach Xavi’s stay was officially announced. “The project is not over yet,” he said, expressing his commitment, saying staying is the best option for the team.
However, Laporta changed his mind again in less than a month. Xavi’s remarks caused a problem. Talking about the club’s financial difficulties ahead of the match against Almeria, he said, “With the current team, we cannot compete with top-class European teams including Real Madrid.”

This angered Laporta. Mundo Deportivo said, “Last month, Laporta invited Xavi to his home to persuade him to stay, and he was promised that he would be able to see him fight for his team and everything. He does not understand what he has to say.”

Eventually, Laporta plans to replace Xavi and seek a new coach. Barcelonas board of directors also reportedly agreed. Local media reported that former German team coach Hanji Flick has a 95 percent chance of taking the helm. Barcelonas Bodzean and Flick held talks in London.

The news of Xavi’s replacement is expected to be officially announced after the final season match between Barcelona and Sevilla on the 27th. Xavi said he had heard nothing and that nothing had changed, but the future seems to have already been decided.

“Barcelona’s board will notify Xavi early next week that he will no longer take over as Barcelona manager,” Mundo Deportivo reported.안전 토토사이트

KFA’s negotiations with several foreign coaches broke down. Jesse Marsi has emerged as a strong figure, but news of his appointment to the Canadian national soccer team has recently been heard. He also missed out on negotiations with the Iraqi national soccer team coach Jesus Casas because he could not reach an agreement.

First of all, the A team will play two consecutive A matches in June under former Ryan City Sailors coach Kim Do-hoon.