The crazy decision to appoint a coach for “EPL relegation” is not a big penalty

Journalist Christian Polk, who plays for Sport Bild in Germany and is well-versed in Bayern’s internal affairs, reported on Tuesday (Korea Standard Time) the agreement between Bayern and Kompany. “Bayern and Kompany have reached a verbal agreement. Now Bayern have to reach an agreement with Burnley. Kompany has signed a contract until 2028. He is expected to be announced as Bayern’s new coach within the end of this week,” the newspaper said.

In the past three months, Bayern has experienced things that have not been experienced in the club’s history when it comes to appointing a coach. In the past, there were many coaches who showed their willingness to go even if Bayern was interested, but this time, most of the coaches who started negotiations refused to go to Bayern, and the process of appointing a coach continues to be delayed.

In the end, Bayern tried to leave Thomas Tuchel again, but the break-up with Tuchel did not happen as they could not reach an agreement over the contract period. When all the measures that could be considered by Bayern’s leadership failed, discussions were held internally again.

Surprisingly, the result of the discussion was to bring in Coach Kompany, who demoted Burnley in the English Premier League (EPL) this season. Bayern’s leadership is hoping that the new leader will be young and have potential for development, but it was decided that Coach Kompanik had the profile that the club wanted.

Bayern is bringing in a downgraded coach from the EPL because of Kompany’s potential. Romano said, “The Bayern leadership trusted Kompany’s vision and ideas and judged that he had tremendous potential to become the best coach. The initial negotiations that took place last Monday brought positive feedback. Bayern hopes to finish the work soon.”

A similar report was made in Sport Bild, Germany. The media outlet explained on Sunday that Kompany had been demoted from the EPL as Burnley was leading, but Kompany had a very high score at Bayern.

First of all, Kompany’s ability to speak German fluently. Kompany grew up with the prestigious RSC Anderlecht in Belgium as a player and then moved to Hamburg ahead of the 2006-2007 season.

After spending two seasons in Hamburg, he played in the Bundesliga in Germany. While living in Germany for two years, Kompany was able to speak German and learn German culture. As Bayern is the strongest club in Germany, its leadership thought that a new coach must be able to speak German.

Sport Bild said, “Coach Compani played for Hamburg from 2006 to 2008, and like many Belgians, German has no problem. He still speaks German very well. German is always an important standard for Bayern. His English is also perfect.” Bayern wanted a coach who has no problem with English and German, as there are English-speaking cultural players such as Harry Kane, Erik Dier, and Alfonso Davis.

The second reason why Kompany captured the hearts of Bayern leaders is his aggressive football philosophy. Kompany’s football philosophy was heavily influenced by Pep Guardiola, who coached him when he was a player.

In the 2022-2023 season, when Kompany began to receive very high praise, Burnley was the most aggressive team in the English Championship. He started from a very high position, brought the ball quickly, and immediately attacked again. He also wants to play soccer, which increases his possession under the influence of Guardiola, but Kompany is very careful about finishing fast attacks. This is more like German soccer, which seeks gegenpressing.

Bayern didn’t care much that coach Kompany’s leadership didn’t come out well in Burnley. The more aggressive tactics are, the more important the quality of the players is because Burnley was at the bottom of the EPL in objective power. It operated a “happiness circuit” that coach Kompany’s tactical capabilities could be better displayed in Bayern, where the squad level is the strongest in the world.

Bayern’s leaders were hoping that Kompany would show Guardiola-style soccer for Bayern. Sport Bild added, “Bayern’s soccer is designed to own a lot of balls, and many fans (and leaders) have long craved attractive Guardiola soccer.”

The last reason was the coach’s personality and character. Sport Bild said, “Coppany has a great, confident public figure. This is important for Bayern as well. Tuchel was somewhat arrogant and picky, which was one of the reasons for his downfall. He seems more comfortable. He is good at talking and can explain his soccer well,” believing that unlike Tuchel, he can maintain better relations with his fans.

The only issue that remains in the process of selecting Kompany is a penalty agreement with Burnley. “Barbarian sports director Max Ebel and Kompany have already met privately. The two sides have reached an agreement on the terms of the contract. Negotiations between Bayern and Burnley are underway. Bayern offered 10 million euros in penalty, but Burnley is asking for 20 million euros,” Poulk said.

The reason why Burnley wants expensive penalties is that Bayern knows the amount of penalties it prepared to take out Crystal Palace coach Oliver Glasner. At that time, Bayern prepared up to 13 million euros (about 19.2 billion won), but there was no room for negotiation because it wanted 100 million euros (about 147.9 billion won) from Palace.토토사이트 순위

Burnley doesn’t think it’s ridiculous, but he won’t let it go at an affordable price. Fortunately, there is plenty of room for negotiations.