The fate of Dele Alli a forgotten “talent genius”

The fate of Dele Alli (28-Everton), a forgotten “talent genius” and close friend of Son Heung-min, is of interest.

His contract with Everton ends at the end of this season after a failed comeback. Alli joined Everton from Tottenham in January 2022. The contract was for two years and six months. The initial transfer fee was zero. There was an option.

If Alli played 20 games, Everton would make an initial payment of £10 million to Tottenham. Spurs could receive up to £40 million depending on Ali’s performance.

However, he only made 13 appearances for Everton, including one start. Last season, he was loaned out to Turkiye Besiktas. But his wanderings continued. He scored three goals in 15 games.

Labeled as a slacker, Ali made an early return in April last year due to injury. He ended up on the operating table with a hip injury. 안전놀이터 Ali was addicted to alcohol and sleeping pills, and was also controversial for inhaling ‘hippie crack’. He checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic for his mental health.

Earlier this year,

He underwent groin surgery, further delaying his return, and it seems unlikely that he will be back on the field this season. And then his contract ends.

Ali has handed over the reins to Everton. He recently said: “I’m contracted to Everton and I think it would be disrespectful to say anything else while I’m here. Everton have been fantastic to me. I don’t know the details of the situation, but I just want to stay at the top level of the Premier League and play with the best players,” he emphasized.

“Some players might panic and say, ‘My contract expires in the summer’. But it’s a great opportunity for me to continue my amazing story. Going through this means I’ll be even better when I get back to the top. I want to be at the top again,” he emphasized.

If Everton do not re-sign him, Alli will become a free agent. The British publication Football London speculated on his destination on July 21. Tottenham was also on the list. However, a reunion with Son Heung-min seems unlikely.

“He has good memories of his time at Tottenham,” said the publication. Some fans may be dreaming of a reunion, but manager Enze Postecogru has a completely different plan, 메이저 토토사이트 aiming to bring in young players to build a team that can challenge for the title in the not too distant future. Alli made waves under Mauricio Pochettino when he formed a ‘DESK’ line with Son Heung-min, Christian Eriksen (Man United) and Harry Kane (Bayern Munich).

Leicester City, who are one season away from promotion to the EPL, are the favorites to land Alli, with Crystal Palace, West Ham, Brentford, Fulham, Braintree and Chelsea also rumored to be in the running.

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