The first Blue and White match was a fierce 2-2 draw

Park Dong-won made a timely hit in the bottom of the fourth inning at the Baek team, where key players were gathered. The game was turned upside down when Sohn Yong-joon’s two-run double hit in the top of the fifth inning at the Cheong team consisting of backup players. The Baek team balanced the game with Kim Hyun-soo’s tiebreaking RBI double in the bottom of the fifth inning. That’s where the game ended.

Detrick Enns, who is expected to be an ace in the white team, neatly blocked two innings with three strikeouts and no runs. Some batters who entered the batter’s box were so powerful that they were surprised. En’s fastball came out to 147 kilometers per hour, and his average speed was 145 kilometers. He threw 10 fastballs and used seven changeups that manager Yeom Kyung-yeop cited as a yardstick for success this season. In addition, he threw a two-curve slider to fill a total of 25 pitches.

After the game, pitching coach Kim Kyung-tae said, “Ens generally pitched well. He pitched well over 147 kilometers of fastballs and slider-like breaking balls, allowing no runs and no hits in two innings. As for the changeup, I will upgrade it over the rest of the year.”

Choi Won-tae came out as the second pitcher and recorded two hits, one strikeout and no run in one inning. The average was 142 kilometers with a maximum fastball of 146 kilometers. Choi Won-tae had 11 out of 15 fastballs. In addition, he threw two curves and one change-up and slider each.

Lee, who emerged as a must-win candidate from an unknown pitcher, gave up only one hit in the first inning and allowed no run, but lost two runs in the second inning as his ball speed fell. All of these scores, however, were recorded as non-indemnity points after the error.

Lee Jong-joon threw more than scheduled 50 pitches and finished pitching. Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop confirmed how much his speed dropped to the power analysis team when Lee Jong-joon began to struggle in the fifth inning. Lee Jong-joon’s fastball speed was up to 145 kilometers and averaged 142 kilometers. The “fastball with tailings” that manager Yeom Kyung-yeop paid attention to was particularly powerful against left-handed batters.

In the blue team, starter Kim Jin-soo recorded two innings of one hit and one walk and no run. Kim Jin-soo’s fastball speed was not fast with an average of 135 kilometers up to 141 kilometers, but he only had one hit. While the second pitcher Lee Sang-young recorded one scoreless inning, Choi Dong-hwan and Kim Dae-hyun finished the game with one run in one inning and one run each.

HomeTeam Lineup

Park Hae-min (designated hitter), Hong Chang-ki (middle fielder), Kim Hyun-soo (left fielder), Austin Dean (first baseman), Oh Ji-hwan (striker), Park Dong-won (catcher), Kim Min-soo (third baseman), Moon Sung-joo (right fielder), Shin Min-jae (second baseman)

Wonjeong Team Lineup

Koo Bon-hyuk (striker), Son Yong-joon (second baseman), Moon Bo-kyung (designated hitter), Kim Sung-jin (third baseman), Kim Hyun-jong (middle fielder), Heo Do-hwan (first baseman), Kim Sung-woo (puncher), Jeon Joon-ho (left fielder), and the staff (right fielder)

There were some changes in the starting lineup scheduled on the previous day (24th). Casey Kelly, who was preparing to start, did not play due to a slight gallbladder disease. There was no problem with his daily life, so he watched the game with his teammates. Choi did not play due to thigh muscle pain. Song Chan-ui was absent from the roster, but he is taking a rest because his side is a little uncomfortable.

The white team had a chance to score the first and second base with no outs due to the ball hit by Park Hae-min and a walk by Hong Chang-ki in the first inning, but failed to score a goal. Kim Hyun-soo, Austin Dean, and Oh Ji-hwan were all caught with fly balls. The white team, which missed the opportunity here, created another chance to score in the fourth inning with leadoff hitter Austin’s hit to the left and Oh Ji-hwan’s base hit. With one out and a runner on the second base, Park Dong-won’s timely hit hit, and Austin scored.

The blue team also missed one opportunity. Kim Seong-woo’s hit to the center field in the third inning and Koo Bon-hyuk’s double with one out later, but the white team’s relay play was neat. The throw from center fielder Hong Chang-ki to second baseman Shin Min-jae was quick and accurate. Cheers poured in from the bench to praise Shin.

In the fifth inning when the team was losing 0-1, the ball hit by Kim Sung-woo and Koo Bon-hyuk’s error on base allowed them to have a chance to get the first and second base with no outs. (Jun Joon-ho, Baek’s team’s defense allowed him to hit the batter’s box) Son Yong-joon doubled to left field, bringing in both runners. The Blue team could have scored an additional point here, but Lee Jong-joon, the Baek team’s pitcher, ended the offense by filling up 50 pitches.

The Baek team had one last chance with Hong Chang-ki’s walk after two outs in the fifth inning. Here, Kim Hyun-soo hit a timely double that fell to the right side of the right field. Austin hit a ground ball to the shortstop, ending the game.

Hong Chang-ki, who came out as the second batter of the white team, got on base 100 percent with two walks and one hit. Kim Hyun-soo, Austin, Park Dong-won, Kim Min-soo, and Shin Min-jae each recorded one hit.

The rookies’ performances were also outstanding. Blue team Son Yong-joon hit a two-run double, and Kim Hyun-jong also made a triple by running to third base on a left-center hit with two outs in the fourth inning. Kim Sung-woo, one of the candidates for backup catcher, got on base twice with a hit to the center field and a hit to the body.


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