The mini-casino would help McCandless’s economy in the near future.

So far, many other municipalities have decided to give up hosting mini casinos, but they change their minds at any time and allow it to become a potential town.

On July 30 this year, Pennsylvania lawmakers approved a $32 billion spending plan for the current fiscal year. But officials couldn’t agree on how to pay for it and close the $2.2 billion gap. Tax increases are a painful process that usually does great harm to taxpayers. Apart from other proposals, gambling has surfaced as a potential solution that could help bridge the gap. Officials had a hard time finding agreement on the game proposal. After all, state officials are allowed to allow gaming trucks and small sports cars to install gaming consoles in gaming terminals.

Requirements for mini casino bidders
To ensure that small gambling facilities do not erode profits at 12 casinos that already exist in Pennsylvania, officials argued that the new small casinos should be located at least 25 miles away from existing casinos. What’s interesting is that McCandless is only 12 miles from the already existing River Casino in North Shore, Pittsburgh. However, this restriction is not valid for existing casinos that have applied for permission to operate mini casinos.

These satellite casinos can operate at least 300 slot machines. The maximum number of slot machines a mini casino can accommodate is 750. For game tables, each satellite casino can offer 30 table games with the option to add 10 in one year. Allow each municipality to decide whether to agree to hold a mini casino by January 1, 2018. Local governments that fail to meet deadlines will be considered potential urban expansion.

The Pennsylvania Game Management Board must hold its first blind auction of one of its licenses by January 16. The bid starts at $7.5 million and only owners of casinos authorized by Pennsylvania can participate in the bidding process. The winner will have the exclusive right to choose the location of the first mini casino. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

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