The team won 6-5 after a close game

Lee Jung-hoo started the 2024 Major League Cincinnati Reds showdown at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, on the 13th (Korea time), but was replaced by an injury after colliding strongly with Pence while defending in the top of the first inning.

San Francisco’s Ramonte Wade Jr. had one hit (one homer) and two RBIs, one run and two walks from three times at bat, and played the game with four bases loaded. Matt Chapman and Heliott Ramos had one RBI each, and Casey Schmidt hit a walk-off hit.

Cincinnati Jaymer Candelario had three RBIs and Jonathan India had three hits, but there was no win.

▲ Starting lineup

San Francisco: Lee Jung-hoo (center field), Matt Chapman (third baseman), Ramonte Wade Jr. (first baseman), Wilmer Flores (designated hitter), Mike Yastremski (right fielder), Heliot Ramos (left fielder), Blake Seibol (catcher), Casey Schmidt (striker) – Brett Wisley (second baseman), starting pitcher Kyle Harrison.

Cincinnati: TJ Friedl (midfielder) – Eli de la Cruz (striker) – Spencer Steer (left fielder) – Jonathan India (second baseman) – Stuart Fairchild (right fielder) – Jamer Candelario (first baseman) – Mike Ford (designated hitter) – Santiago Espinal (third baseman) – Luke Maillie (catcher), starting pitcher Frankie Montas.

Lee returned after four games. He was hit by a foul ball in an away game with the Colorado Rockies on the 9th and focused on recovery. He was excluded from the starting lineup for three consecutive games and did not play as a substitute.

He made his comeback to the starting lineup at the last game of the three consecutive games against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday. However, he strongly collided with Pence while defending in the top of the first inning, and was replaced after complaining of pain

Cincinnati created a scoring opportunity in the top of the first inning. The leadoff hitter Friedl got on base with a hit ball. De La Cruz stepped back with a fly ball to right field, but Steer walked out. After Stewart was struck out, Fairchild walked out.

With the bases loaded with two outs, Candelario entered the batter’s box. Candelario hit a four-seam fastball of 3B1S 92.1 miles (about 148 km/h). It was a ball that fell far outside, and he pushed the ball back. Candelario’s ball went straight towards the center fence. Lee Jung-hoo jumped in front of the fence to catch the ball, but failed to make a catch. The ball hit the top of the fence. It was Candelario’s timely three-run double.
However, a problem arose. Lee collided with the fence while defending. He extended his left arm to catch the ball, but hit the fence as it was. Lee immediately collapsed by holding onto his left shoulder, and failed to get up. Immediately, San Francisco’s medical staff were deployed to check Lee’s physical condition, and Lee decided he would not be able to play.

Lee Jung-hoo was helped off the field by medical staff and immediately left the dugout for an examination. Tyler Fitzgerald was replaced afterwards.

San Francisco had an opportunity to chase after the bottom of the fourth inning. Flores hit a hit after one out. After Yastremski stepped back with a fly ball to center field, Ramos hit a hit, and Seibol got on base with a hit, making the bases full. Entering the batter’s box, Schmidt hit Montas’ 94.9-mile sinker with the first pitch, but headed for third baseman Espinal. Espinal caught a ground ball and threw it to second base to raise the last out count. San Francisco missed a chance to recover the score.

However, San Francisco turned the game around in the bottom of the fifth inning. With one out, Fitzgerald hit a double. Then came Chapman’s timely hit. Wade Jr. continued to bat, and he pulled the six-pitch 95.7 miles (154 kilometers/h) four-seam fastball to hit the homer over the right side fence. Wade Jr.’s two-run homer tied the game 3-3.

Flores then hit a single and Montas’ wild pitch drove him to the second base. With Yastremski’s throw to third with two outs, Ramos hit a timely RBI single to turn the game around. Ultimately, Montas went down and Nick Martinez took the mound. However, Seibol hit an infield single off Martinez, and a throwing error by shortstop de la Cruz overlapped. The ball fell back, and in the meantime, Ramos, who went to second base, turned around and homered. San Francisco took the lead by scoring five runs in the fifth inning alone.

However, Cincinnati rushed to catch up in the top of the seventh inning. With two outs, Steer and India had consecutive hits, creating chances for first and third bases. pinch hitter Jake Freley came out to bat, and he hit a timely RBI single.

And in the top of the eighth inning, leadoff hitter Ford hit a one-run home run to tie the game 5-5.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, San Francisco created an opportunity for Chapman, who entered the batter’s box after two outs, to go to second base due to Steer’s catch error. After Wade Jr. got on base with an automatic four pitches, Flores came out to bat, but the game went into overtime as shortstop foul fly stepped down.토토사이트

After two outs in the bottom of the 10th inning, Seibol walked to get on base. Then, he finished the game by hitting a double that separated the left-center field by Schmidt against Lucas Sims, the changed pitcher

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